Monday, September 22, 2008

AMC: Such a Tease!

Erica (Susan Lucci, pictured) can’t ignore the effect Adam has on her.
Zach and Kendall face the problems in their marriage.
Pete undergoes a life-changing experience.

JR is suspicious of the kinder Adam he sees before him.
Greenlee ends up with a tainted bottle of Bella.
Tad gets closer to uncovering Jesse’s secret.

Greenlee makes a startling admission due to the tainted perfume.
Zach and Kendall continue to grow further apart.
Angie begins to see Randi in a new light.

Ryan takes actions when he finds a gun in Annie’s room.
Jesse confesses his secret to Angie.
Greenlee is conflicted over her feelings for Ryan.

Greenlee takes her anger out on Annie.
Babe wonders what Adam and Pete are up to.
Angie asks Tad to stop investigating Jesse.