Monday, August 04, 2008

That Didn't Take Long -- Thank Goodness!

Michael Logan reported in TV Guide this week that Billy Miller has been snatched up by The Young and the Restless. The actor was let go by All My Children last month after his character, Richie Novak, was pretty much unredeemable after being written into a corner. Since they didn't go the twin route, Billy was free to pursue other interests.

Y&R has cast him as Billy Abbott, the son of Jill and John Abbott. He was memorably played by David Tom (brother of Heather Tom - Katie on The Bold and the Beautiful), but two subsequent recasts just didn't catch on. I'm very excited to see what Miller does with the character. I'm assuming that he is back to compete with half-brother Cane (Daniel Goddard) for the CEO position with Jabot, but this is just speculation. Whatever they have him do, the handsome yet very talented actor should make things interesting.

Y&R seems to be turning a corner lately -- I'm once again looking forward to lunchtime.


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Thanks Goodness! I watch both AMC and Y&R so this move makes me one happy fan!