Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dusty and Stenbeck Back. Coincidence?

As the World Turns' Grayson McCouch is scheduled to return to the soap in late September, and reportedly not in the form of a ghost. The character was killed off this past year when the actor chose to leave. In August, Anthony Herrera will be back as James Stenbeck, who has been languishing in prison, but as many longtime fans know, has been rescurrected from the dead about as often as Stefano DiMera (Days of Our Lives' resident villain played by Joseph Mascolo). So has Dusty been kept prisoner in a Stenbeck dungeon all this time? Stay tuned to find out.
CORRECTION: I previously had the months mixed up. Grayson is scheduled to first air Sept. 24, and Anthony will be back on Aug. 27.


adamslouizer said...

hey grayson mccouch . i am a big fun with dusty donovan. i hope you email me back