Tuesday, July 01, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of June 30th

AMC: Annie sets Richie free, but Zach is hot on his heels.
ATWT: Pauls buries a body in the garden at Fairview.
B&B: Nick has a proposal for Bridget.
Days: The lights go out in Salem, so EJ and Lucas mend their broken hearts, but not together.
GH: Lulu watches from afar as Maxie is manhandled by Logan.
GL: It's time for the annual Bauer BBQ, and Beth reaches out to Rick.
OLTL: Nora arrives just in time for Bo and Lindsay's "I do's."
Passions: Eve gives Julian some bad news about his anatomy.
Y&R: Amber turns to Adrian after she's convinced Daniel is a cheat.