Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mario's "Posse" Rides Again

Press release:
Actor/director Mario Van Peebles (Samuel, All My Children) shot wide holes through the myths of the old, wild, Wild West with Posse, his controversial 1993 hip-hop Western. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this landmark film, Posse and its companion piece Posse Rides Again will be showcased on June 19th at 6 p.m. on the Starz in Black cable channel.

Posse Rides Again, a 21-minute original special produced by Encore Westerns, features interviews with Mario and Melvin Van Peebles, Tommy "Tiny" Lister, rapper Big Daddy Kane, actor/director Charles Lane, and Warrington Hudlin. Each offers insight into the significance of this groundbreaking film, which has been called the untold story of the West.

"One out of three cowboys was black," states Mario. "I wanted to see if we can do the Western like it's never been done before."

Says Mario's father, Melvin, "When Mario called me and told me he was going to do a Western with a largely African American cast, I was interested because cowboy movies were usually all white, which was not the case at all. The word cowboy came from the fact that in antebellum times, it was the blacks who had to deal with the cows and they were called 'boys.'"

Now if we could only have Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) as Calamity Jane, it would be the icing on the cake!