Monday, June 23, 2008

ABC July 4th Soap Schedule

On Friday, July 4, ABC will be airing repeats of recent fave episodes of their soaps as follows:

ALL MY CHILDREN #9811 (original air date 2/18/08)--In this episode Jesse and Angie reunite at the train station and then go to a cabin where Jesse explains that he really is alive. The Campbell’s “Go Red” fashion show takes place. Annie is disturbed at the connection Ryan has with Greenlee and Kendall. Kendall denies to Aidan that she is pregnant. Erica is arrested.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE #10185 (original air date 5/9/08)--In this episode Snoop Dogg performs at Adriana’s bachelorette party. John and Blair scour the beach boardwalk searching for Starr and Cole. Langston protests the abortion that Dorian wants her to have and blurts out that she is not pregnant. David sees Natalie kiss her “Uncle Jared”.

GENERAL HOSPITAL #11547 (original air date 5/1/08)--Nikolas and Emily share a last dance as he finally says goodbye. Claudia lies on the stand at Anthony's trial and Anthony is released. Tracy tells Luke to stay out of the mob but he only gets more involved when Anthony pays him a visit. Spinelli once again finds himself caught between Lulu and Maxie. Liz's break up with Jason starts affecting her work at the hospital