Friday, May 09, 2008

John Enos III: More Than Just a Tough Guy

Who knew that John Enos III (Bobby Marsino, The Young and the Restless; Bobby Parezi, Melrose Place) is really a softie at heart? Known for playing tough guys and mafioso-type men, John has carved a niche for himself in the acting world as the go-to man if you need a henchman.

However, I recently spoke with the handsome actor to talk about his new movie, The Hallmark Channel's summer blockbuster movie, Shark Swarm (Sunday, May 25 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.), and he revealed to me his hobby of creating short movies with his Chihuahua, Duke, as the lead.

And Duke is no stranger to the camera. As John told me: “Duke is also in two scenes in Shark Swarm. He almost got cast on Days of Our Lives, but they ended up going with a Maltese. He was just too macho. Chihuahuas are the new tough-guy dog.”

My favorite of his videos is called "Crazy Chihuahua" (see below), however, John also has some funny shorts featuring himself and some of his other actor friends (e.g., Greg Germann and Neal McDonough).

Check out Duke's video below, then go to and check out the rest of John's videos.