Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daytime Dial Gets (Uncredited) Mention in OK! Magazine

Last night, I was perusing OK! Magazine online, because I wanted to read the recent interview with former heartthrob (and my former future husband) Kirk Cameron.

I noticed a link entitled: Melrose Place: Where Are They Now? You can bet that piqued my interest, so I clicky-clicked the link. It's a fun little article, fun to see what Michael Mancini and Jane Mancini and others have been up to, and what they look like. I was sad to see "Grizzly Man" Grant Show. Man, I hope that was for an acting role.

Anyhoo, imagine my surprise when I get to Laura Leighton's photo spread and see that they quoted from my Aug. 17, 2007, interview, but failed to credit me or Daytime Dial.

Melrose Place: Where Are They Now?

Then: Laura Leighton joined the show during its second season and played scheming Sydney Andrews, the younger sister of Jane Mancini. In a 2007 interview Laura reflected on her Melrose Place years. "Sydney was so much fun to play," she said. "I really dug the character; I could see there was so much potential there. It was definitely the right time for that character to come on to the show."

However, it is still pretty exciting.

Now, all of you peeps who have a blog, make a link in your blog mentioning this, so maybe somewhere in the blogosphere, I'll get due credit!