Thursday, April 03, 2008

SPOILERS for Days and Passions

Next Week
* Anna flirts with John to make Tony jealous.
* Nicole runs into Sami and tells her she’s back in Salem – for good.
* Chelsea covers about not feeling well.
* Bo goes to Victor for information on Ava and her family.
* John wishes for Marlena to love him as he is.
Thursday – Philip gets a call from Chloe; the consulate officers are taking her away.
Friday – Steve kisses Ava.

Next Week
Monday, April 14
* Gwen lashes out at Little Ethan.
* Eve gives Pretty some shocking news.
* Noah fears he will lose Paloma to Roberto.

Tuesday, April 15
* Ethan and Gwen have a date at the Blue Note.
* Luis and Fancy wonder how Pretty’s news will affect them.
* The Demon Elf targets Noah and Paloma.

Wednesday, April 16
* Gwen and Rebecca want to send Little Ethan away.
* Sheridan confronts Pretty.
* Viki worries about being exposed.