Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CONTEST: Win Autographed Pic of Your Fave B&B Star


Participate in B&B's new Interactive Series "10 Questions." Here is your chance to get up close and personal with the stars of the hottest daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful! Ask your favorite star a question you've been dying to know the answer to. The 10 best questions asked to each actor will be featured in an upcoming episode of B&B's new interactive series "10 Questions," exclusively at www.boldandbeautiful.com.

If your question is chosen, you'll receive an autographed headshot of the actor to whom you asked the winning question. Winners will be notified via e-mail by April 30.

How to Play: Go to www.boldandbeautiful.com and click on the section titled BLOG at the bottom of the page. Each actor has a section set up where you can enter your e-mail address and ask him or her your question. Click on the actor to whom you want to ask a question. Enter your e-mail address and a password. and post your question in the section titled "Comment." Make sure you enter the correct e-mail address so that Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc. will be able to contact you if your question is chosen.

When you are done typing your e-mail address, your password and your question, hit the button that says "Submit Comment."

All questions will go through an approval process by Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc. before being posted on the site. Questions that are deemed inappropriate by Bell-Phillip Television Productions, Inc. will not be approved.

Please allow up to 24 hours for your question to appear on the Web site. Each person is allowed to ask up to five questions per actor. Any questions after five, asked to the same actor, will be disregarded.

Contest Dates: April 3 — April 14 at www.boldandbeautiful.com.