Monday, February 18, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of Feb. 18th

AMC: Richie jumps the gun and has JR kidnapped to steal his bone marrow when all he had to do was say please ...
ATWT: It seems Col. Mayer hasn't exactly been chaste himself when his possible love child introduces herself to Noah.
B&B: Taylor tactfully says goodbye to Nick but isn't ready to part with their child so easily.
Days: Steve has his hands full when he receives a threatening note from BSC Ava (played by Tamara Braun!).
GH: Maxie hovers over an unconscious Logan. Will she (A) pull the plug, (B) smother him with a pillow, or (C) realize just in time he's not the Text Message Killer?
GL : Jonathan gets down on bended knee to Lizzie, and he's still taller than her.
OLTL: The tables are turned on Todd as he continues to live in fear of Ramsey's threats.
Passions: Fancy's mind-control chip is at the mercy of mini Marty.
Y&R: Adam doesn't waste any time hittin' on the ladies as he sets his sights on Phyllis.