Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of Jan. 21st

AMC: Jack and Erica seem destined to be together - again - but will someone else drive a wedge between them - again?
ATWT: An arrest is made for Dusty's murder.
B&B: Donna receives a surprise visitor while waiting at the hotel for Eric.
Days: Chelsea tells Ford's father the truth, an admission she might soon regret.
GH: A handsome new "Mc_______ (insert nickname here)" doc makes the rounds at General Hospital.
GL: Lizzie finally comes face-to-face with Jonathan.
OLTL: Todd shows his dark side to Rex after he learns of his betrayal.
Passions: Theresa makes an appeal to Juanita in the hope that she won't be fed to the fishes.
Y&R: Jack's worst nightmare comes true when he gets a new housemate.


Anonymous said...

Todd shows his bully side again and again and again... Why cant Margaret kill him and walk away scott-free for her good deed? At least Maggie is mentally ill; Todd is sleazy piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Dont understand me wrong. A serial killer could make a good murder mystery- Salem Stalker SL in DOOL was fun and fruitcake, avoiding sick (and realistic) filth for camptastic, wacko fun. But a Text Message Killer is a bit of dull side. And if Spinelli turns to be somehow involved, I scream!