Tuesday, January 08, 2008

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!

Sorry it has been so long for me to post. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. After this week, my posts will go bye-bye for two weeks, as I will be touring Southeast Asia. But I will return to posting with a vengence at the beginning of February -- just in time for Sweeps -- I promise!

Now, onto the spoilers, which is the real reason you decided to read this post:


This Week:

* Donna caves in to Stephanie’s offer.
* Taylor is led into temptation.
* Donna reveals a dark secret to Eric.
* Stephen Logan is a free man.
* Taylor catches Nick and Brooke in an intimate moment.


This Week:

* Shawn questions Chloe about Brady.
* Marlena goes ballistic in Roman's office.
* Hope overhears Crystal on the phone and confronts her.
* Stephanie opens up to Max and tells him about her rape.
* Billie tells Kate to back off if she wants to win Lucas back.
* EJ tells Sami how he stood up to Stefano and asks her to fight by his side.
Thursday - Kate and Philip try to persuade Lucas to plead not guilty.
Friday - Belle hits the roof when she finds Chloe with Shawn and Claire.

Next Week:

* Nick tells Chelsea to come clean or he'll walk away for good.
* Stefano calls EJ and tells him that he's forgiven.
* Philip enlists Chloe's help to distract Shawn.
* Max and Stephanie get a little too close and accidentally kiss.
* Hope questions EJ's motives for helping Sami.
* Marlena is determined to help her loved ones.
Thursday - Belle falls to pieces when she learns of Claire's kidnapping.
Friday - Lucas awakens in his cell to find a new cellmate - Stefano.


This Week:
Tuesday, January 8
* Gwen tells Ethan that they are still married.
* Theresa departs on a mission to save her family.
* Esme and Julian talk about being together.

Wednesday, January 9
* Gwen plans a romantic night with Ethan.
* Esme and Ethan discuss their love lives.

Next Week:

Monday, January 14
* Theresa receives a cryptic warning.
* Luis intends to put Marty ahead of Fancy.
* Miguel announces he and Kay are getting married.

Tuesday, January 15
* Juanita demands her people track down Theresa.
* Alistair promises to help Pretty win Luis.
* Viki speaks!

Wednesday, January 16
* Theresa runs into Juanita.
* Pretty is determined to make Luis hers.
* Tabitha's kitchen magic backfires.


This Week:

* Brad confesses his love to Sharon, but how will she respond?
* Gloria and Kevin hatch a plan to get back at Jeffrey, only to have the tables turned on them.
* Nikki accidentally confesses to Victor her doubts about his innocence, which could destroy their relationship forever.
* Cane and Lily kiss, but will this change anything between them?
* Concerned about Heather, April Stevens arrives back in Genoa City.