Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Two Daytime Emmy Winners Returning to Soaps

I'm always amazed when one of soaps' best actors leaves daytime and doesn't immediately score the great part he or she deserves. Why doesn't the rest of Hollywood see what we see? That's where the element of luck comes in. If it were all based on talent, Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital) would be tripping over his Oscars on the way out the door each day.

Two young stars with bright futures outside of soaps are coming back, although for how long isn't known. Both may have already nabbed their roles of a lifetime on their respective soaps, but let's hope not. The rest of the world needs to see what they are capable of -- but what are the chances of another part like Jonathan Randall for Tom Pelphrey, or another Carly Corinthos for Sarah J. Brown? I don't want to see Pelphrey or Brown yucking it up on some poorly written sitcom or TV movie of the week.

So catch these two on soaps while you can. Pelphrey is returning to Guiding Light in January to reprise the role of Jonathan, and on Sarah J. Brown's official web site,, there's a teaser that she's returning to General Hospital, with more details to come. However, word is she won't be playing Carly -- Laura Wright currently holds that role -- she'll be playing a new part.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Meet the New Casey Hughes

One sure way to tell when a soap character is being brought back is if he's suddenly mentioned by another character out of the blue. Margo Hughes (Ellen Dolan) recently hinted to husband Tom (Scott Holmes) that son Casey might be paroled in time for Christmas. Zach Roerig played Casey on As the World Turns but chose to leave when his contract was up. Thus Casey was sent off to prison for stealing Will's (Jesse Soffer) bonds.

Fast-forward a few months, and Casey will be back Jan. 29 and played by Billy Magnussen.

All I know so far about the actor is he was recently on Broadway's The Ritz, so if you have the talent to make it on Broadway, you're okay in my book.

Welcome NuCasey!

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!


This Week:

* All evidence leads to Stephen.
* Pam returns to town with a whole new attitude.
* The list of suspects grows.
* Nick and Brooke plot behind Taylor’s back.
* The shooter is caught in the act.


Next Week:

* Shawn and Belle receive an award at the Salem High School reunion.
* Lucas is added onto the suspect list for shooting EJ.
* Steve admits to Kayla that he'd like to have a baby.
* Kate's gun is traced to a dealer in Cincinnati.
* Chloe makes her move to get closer to Philip.
* Sami confronts EJ about his baby monitor surveillance.
Thursday - The extent of EJ's injuries are revealed.
Friday - Philip challenges Hope to tell Shawn what she knows about him and Belle.


Next Week:

Monday, December 10
* Theresa tells Little Ethan the truth about his father.
* Alistair taunts Luis for cheating on Fancy.
* Timmy pays a visit to Tabitha.

Tuesday, December 11
* Gwen is forced to face the truth about Jonathan.
* Ethan is furious with Theresa's behavior.
* Luis reveals his escape plan to Pretty.

Wednesday, December 12
* Theresa worries as Little Ethan goes into surgery.
* Luis and Pretty are free from Alistair.
* Noah gives Paloma a special holiday treat.

Thursday, December 13
* Gwen is plagued by horrible nightmares.
* Luis develops a new admiration for Pretty.
* Sheridan threatens Spike.


This Week:

* Jack’s enemies testify at his Senate hearing, as Gloria uncovers damaging evidence against him.
* Nikki calls it quits with David and moves back into the Newman Ranch to be near Victoria, but can she tolerate living under the same roof as Victor?
* Cane, Heather, Lily and Adrian attend a fundraiser together, and Cane and Heather make an important decision about their relationship.
* Victor is furious as police arrive at his home with a search warrant. Will he be charged with killing Ji Min?
*Brad and J.T. hold vigil over Victoria’s baby, each man hoping he is the father.

Too Pretty For Math

I found a Cafepress shop that I absolutely love and thought I would share it with you. It's called "Too Pretty For Math," and that's pretty much how I feel, in a nutshell. They have many cute, humorous and sarcastic designs along with Too Pretty For Math, like "Picked Last In Gym," "God Is Embarrassed By You" and "It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Develops an Eating Disorder."

Also, if you see a design you like, but it's not on the T-Shirt you want it to be on, let them know and they will design one just for you. Talk about service!

So, go check them out at -- this is where Santa shops!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Dec. 3rd

AMC: Fearing she'll lose Jenny, Krystal is forced to lie to Tad about her relationship with Adam.
ATWT: A beloved character collapses. Will he get the medical help he needs before it's too late?
B&B: Katie and Jake find photographic proof of who killed Stephanie Forrester.
Days: Someone agrees to turn herself in for the attempted murder of EJ Wells.
GH: Maxie accidentally leaks incriminating information about Coop.
GL: Edmund is pushed, but with his list of enemies, anyone could have done it.
OLTL: Cole is out to avenge the death of his mother and takes it out on poor Miles.
Passions: Crazy Norma and Mrs. Wallace pay their annual Christmas visit to Tabitha.
Y&R: Gloria's testimony outs Jack for tampering with his father's will.