Friday, September 21, 2007

Kyle Lowder at Whisky A Go Go

If you live in L.A. or if you're a Kyle Lowder (Rick, "B&B") fanatic and want to make the journey, you can catch him at the world famous Whisky A Go Go. "The Existents: The New Rock Musical" is thrilled to announce an exclusive West Coast premiere concert presentation on Monday, Oct. 8th at 9pm at the legendary Whisky A Go Go (on the Sunset Strip). Ty Taylor (RockStar: INXS), Eden Espinosa (Wicked), Jason Wooten (We Will Rock You), Carly Thomas-Smith (Rent), Douglas Crawford (Jersey Boys), Kyle Lowder (The Bold & The Beautiful), and Debby Holiday (Nebula 9 Records) will perform selections from The New Rock Musical written by Douglas Crawford, Ty Taylor, & Jason Wooten! Tickets are $10. This is a one night only opportunity and promises to be an event you will not want to miss! Whisky A Go Go, 8901 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069. For ticket info, go to

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story on sale TODAY

Pocket Books celebrates the 70th anniversary of America’s longest running daytime drama, Emmy Award-winning Guiding Light, with an original novel, Guiding Light: Jonathan’s Story on sale TODAY. The book features the popular character Jonathan Randall in an all-new passionate and adventure-filled love story that provides crucial information not revealed on the show. Jonathan’s Story was conceived by Guiding Light’s Emmy Award-winning head writer David Kreizman. Tune into Guiding Light this week as the characters Reva and Alan reveal clues to the mystery behind Jonathan’s Story.


Ryan Serhant (pictured, left) has been cast as Evan Walsh IV on As the World Turns, beginning Nov. 7. Ryan won Season 2 of the CBS online reality series, InTurn, and was signed to a (minimum) 13-week contract. You can still watch all 17 episodes online at . Congratulations, Ryan!

Tom Archdeacon will be playing the role of Pete Brady on Days of Our Lives, beginning Sept. 26. His first scene will take place in the Irish church.

David Andrew MacDonald will be reprising his role on Guiding Light of Edmund Winslow, ex-husband to both Cassie and Beth, beginning Wednesday, Oct. 24. He will be joined by Seamus Davey Fitzpatrick, who will be taking over the role of Will Winslow, Edmund's nephew.

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!


* Nick confronts Bridget about a conversation that he overheard.
* Ashley gets advice regarding Ridge from Taylor.

* Nick's world is rocked by news surrounding Taylor's pregnancy.
* Brooke vows to win back an ex.


Next Week:
* Sami must choose between Lucas' and EJ's life.
* Grandpa Shawn and Stefano finally have it out.
* Steve goes ballistic when he finds Benjy.
* Jeremy shocks Chelsea when he defends Artemis, Demarquette and Nick.
* Stephanie and Chelsea go to a pledge party.
Thursday - The terms for ending the vendetta are revealed.
Friday - Colleen and Santo's love comes to a shocking end.


Next Week:
Monday, September 24
* Sheridan attempts to kill Alistair.
* Tabitha and Kay journey to another dimension.
* Gwen cuts Theresa off at the pass.

Tuesday, September 25
* Pretty accuses Ivy and Fancy of keeping her from Fox.
* Luis promises Sheridan he will help her find Marty.
* Little Ethan is missing!

Wednesday, September 26
* Tabitha and Kay receive a ransom note from the dark side.
* Fancy is suspicious of Luis and Sheridan.
* Ethan realizes his marriage to Theresa is not valid.

Thursday, September 27
* Esme drowns her sorrows.
* Eve tells Julian she's seen Vincent's ghost.
* Gwen warns Theresa about Alistair.


This Week:
* Colleen throws a party to celebrate Lily’s divorce, where Lily gets a surprise kiss – from Cane!
* After struggling with memories of Dru, Neil takes a romantic step in his relationship with Karen.
* Jack decides to come clean about Jabot, drawing him closer to Sharon. But will he make his confession public before a scheming Gloria releases damaging evidence?
* Victor offers to help Phyllis reduce her jail sentence, for a price.
* Amber’s plan pays off as the stolen money is found, and Michael strikes a deal for Kevin, Amber and Daniel.

SPOILERS! Week of Sept. 17th

AMC: Annie is asked to identify a body that may or may not be her brother.
ATWT: Dusty is shot by someone you'd least expect.
B&B: Ridge buys an engagement ring, but will he choose Brooke or Ashley?
Days: Bo is forced to leave an injured Steve behind to chase after Andre.
GH: Alexis finds herself the next target of Nikolas' rage.
GL: Mallet catches Dinah in a liplock with Matt!
OLTL: Jessica confesses to Natalie that Jared is blackmailing her.
Passions: Vincent continues gaslighting Eve, supplying his mommy with alcohol and pills.
Y&R: Brad confesses his feelings to Sharon.