Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Two Daytime Emmy Winners Returning to Soaps

I'm always amazed when one of soaps' best actors leaves daytime and doesn't immediately score the great part he or she deserves. Why doesn't the rest of Hollywood see what we see? That's where the element of luck comes in. If it were all based on talent, Tony Geary (Luke, General Hospital) would be tripping over his Oscars on the way out the door each day.

Two young stars with bright futures outside of soaps are coming back, although for how long isn't known. Both may have already nabbed their roles of a lifetime on their respective soaps, but let's hope not. The rest of the world needs to see what they are capable of -- but what are the chances of another part like Jonathan Randall for Tom Pelphrey, or another Carly Corinthos for Sarah J. Brown? I don't want to see Pelphrey or Brown yucking it up on some poorly written sitcom or TV movie of the week.

So catch these two on soaps while you can. Pelphrey is returning to Guiding Light in January to reprise the role of Jonathan, and on Sarah J. Brown's official web site,, there's a teaser that she's returning to General Hospital, with more details to come. However, word is she won't be playing Carly -- Laura Wright currently holds that role -- she'll be playing a new part.