Sunday, December 02, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Dec. 3rd

AMC: Fearing she'll lose Jenny, Krystal is forced to lie to Tad about her relationship with Adam.
ATWT: A beloved character collapses. Will he get the medical help he needs before it's too late?
B&B: Katie and Jake find photographic proof of who killed Stephanie Forrester.
Days: Someone agrees to turn herself in for the attempted murder of EJ Wells.
GH: Maxie accidentally leaks incriminating information about Coop.
GL: Edmund is pushed, but with his list of enemies, anyone could have done it.
OLTL: Cole is out to avenge the death of his mother and takes it out on poor Miles.
Passions: Crazy Norma and Mrs. Wallace pay their annual Christmas visit to Tabitha.
Y&R: Gloria's testimony outs Jack for tampering with his father's will.