Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!


This Week:

* All evidence leads to Stephen.
* Pam returns to town with a whole new attitude.
* The list of suspects grows.
* Nick and Brooke plot behind Taylor’s back.
* The shooter is caught in the act.


Next Week:

* Shawn and Belle receive an award at the Salem High School reunion.
* Lucas is added onto the suspect list for shooting EJ.
* Steve admits to Kayla that he'd like to have a baby.
* Kate's gun is traced to a dealer in Cincinnati.
* Chloe makes her move to get closer to Philip.
* Sami confronts EJ about his baby monitor surveillance.
Thursday - The extent of EJ's injuries are revealed.
Friday - Philip challenges Hope to tell Shawn what she knows about him and Belle.


Next Week:

Monday, December 10
* Theresa tells Little Ethan the truth about his father.
* Alistair taunts Luis for cheating on Fancy.
* Timmy pays a visit to Tabitha.

Tuesday, December 11
* Gwen is forced to face the truth about Jonathan.
* Ethan is furious with Theresa's behavior.
* Luis reveals his escape plan to Pretty.

Wednesday, December 12
* Theresa worries as Little Ethan goes into surgery.
* Luis and Pretty are free from Alistair.
* Noah gives Paloma a special holiday treat.

Thursday, December 13
* Gwen is plagued by horrible nightmares.
* Luis develops a new admiration for Pretty.
* Sheridan threatens Spike.


This Week:

* Jack’s enemies testify at his Senate hearing, as Gloria uncovers damaging evidence against him.
* Nikki calls it quits with David and moves back into the Newman Ranch to be near Victoria, but can she tolerate living under the same roof as Victor?
* Cane, Heather, Lily and Adrian attend a fundraiser together, and Cane and Heather make an important decision about their relationship.
* Victor is furious as police arrive at his home with a search warrant. Will he be charged with killing Ji Min?
*Brad and J.T. hold vigil over Victoria’s baby, each man hoping he is the father.