Monday, December 10, 2007

Passions: Has It Been Cancelled Again?

As of this writing it hasn't been confirmed by any of the top brass at Passions, but two of the shows actresses have confirmed on their Web sites that DirecTV has given Passions the ax. According to Liza Huber, who plays Gwen: "Yes, it is true that Passions will finish taping at the end of March 2008. We will start airing three days a week on DirecTV, which should last through summer 2008. It has been a wonderful ride (although Gwen has completely lost her mind!), and I want to thank all of you for your amazing support for Passions through the years!"

Fans had hoped that the switch to DirecTV this past fall might breathe some new life into the soap, and gain new fans. However, this particular gamble seems not to have paid off for the show. Passions has always been known for its outlandish story lines and characters, but in recent years, it has really gone wacko. Perhaps it is time to lay this old dog to rest. But, they gave it their best shot! And I will definitely miss Gratuitous Shirtless Scenes. Oh yes, I will miss those most of all.