Tuesday, December 11, 2007

General Hospital: The Text Message Killer Strikes Again!

Don't miss General Hospital on Monday, Dec. 17, as the text-message killer claims another victim. Message boards are blowing up that the latest victim is Georgie Jones. (UPDATE: We were right. It was Georgie who succumbed the Text-Message Killer's rage.) This conclusion makes the most sense, as actress Lindze Letherman (left, image courtesy ABC) , who has portrayed Georgie since 2002, was set to leave GH earlier this year, but then had her contract extended by three months to tie up her story line.

Also, Georgie's mom, Felicia (played by Kristina Wagner) is set to return to Port Charles on Thursday, Dec. 20, for what we can assume is the bad news about the death of her daughter. She shares scenes with other daughter, Maxie (Kirsten Storms), who is upset by her mother's continued absence.

So, the slight good news for Jones Family fans: While you might be losing Georgie, at least you'll temporarily be gaining Felicia, if even for a short run.