Monday, November 26, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Nov. 26th

AMC: Richie's prison psychiatrist pays him a visit in Pine Valley. Will Ryan figure out what they're up to?
ATWT: Alison figures out who the birth mother (and father) is in Gwen's adoption.
B&B: The police search Stephen Logan's hotel room and find something of significance.
Days: Chloe returns to Salem and finds Belle acting suspicious.
GH: Despite being deceived by Elizabeth, Lucky tells her he still wants to raise Jake.
GL: Marina walks in on Cyrus and Harley during a close moment.
OLTL: Charlie arrives in Llanview looking for his son.
Passions: Eve urged "Valerie" to tell Julian she was really Vincent in disguise.
Y&R: Jack leaked a tape that could make Victor look guilty of murder.