Monday, October 29, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of Oct. 29th

AMC: Kendall's meticulous plan for revenge against Greenlee finally pays off, leaving her former friend devastated.
ATWT: Jack walks in just in time to see Carly being handed a mysterious check.
B&B: Taylor doesn't believe Brooke will ever completely let go of Jack.
Days: Sami receives surprising news about one of her twins.
GH: Carly pulls a gun on the person she suspects of murdering Leticia.
GL: Lizzie and Dinah become unexpected allies.
OLTL: "Death" takes a special interest in Cole.
Passions: Thanks to some magic by Tabitha, Sheridan finds herself in Luis' arms.
Y&R: Jack better watch his back as Jana takes an interest in his father's will.