Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ATWT and GL Casting News

* Best-selling author and star of the Food Channel's Semi Home Made, Sandra Lee, appears as herself on ATWT Thursday, Oct. 18, when she stops by Oakdale Now to share some Halloween cooking tips with Katie and Brad.
* Chauntee Schuler joins the cast of ATWT as Bonnie McKecknie, daughter of Jessica Griffin and Duncan McKecknie. Her first air date is Monday, Nov. 5, when she helps Holden through a difficult time. I smll trouble for Lily and Holden!
* Wole Parks joins ATWT in the role of Dallas Griffin. His first air date is Wednesday, Nov. 14.

* Vanessa Simmons, star of the MTV series "Run's House," returns to GL for another appearance as Lola and flirts with Rafe on Monday, Oct. 22.