Monday, July 30, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of July 30th

AMC: Ava finds herself at the mercy of Lenny when she tries to set him up.
ATWT: Susan comes clean with Dr. Bob about hitting the bottle.
B&B: Can Ridge find it in his heart to forgive Ashley? Tune in for a surprising admission.
Days: Marlena steps in when Sami points a gun at Stefano and EJ.
GH: Jax is forced to make love to someone in order to save Carly's life.
GL: Jonathan Randall returns to Springfield. Will Lizzie find out Sarah is alive?
OLTL: John gets closer to the truth about Tommy.
Passions: Spike becomes human catnip to Fluffy the Cat!
Y&R: Victor told Nikki about David's affinity for wealthy women.