Friday, July 06, 2007

SPOILERS for B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!

We took off a few days for the Fourth of July holiday, but now we are back with bang --pun intended! Let's get right to spoilers for next week:

The Bold and the Beautiful
On Monday, Brooke finds herself in deep trouble with the police and social services.

Days of Our Lives
Next week, Anna flirts with Tony.
Marlena visits Sami in the safe house.
Kayla wants to have another baby.
Grandpa Shawn realizes that he must go back to Ireland.
Thursday - Bo and Hope find Grandpa Shawn in the Irish church when he makes an alarming comment.
Friday - Max is shocked when he discovers Jeremy's dirty secret.

The characters of "Colleen" and "Santo" will first appear on Monday. Alison Sweeney will portray Colleen and James Scott will portray Santo.

Monday, July 9
* Ethan convinces the Blackmailer to surrender.
* Fancy starts to tell Luis about Pretty.
* Gwen encourages Sheridan to do whatever she can to save Luis.

Tuesday, July 10
* A possessed Gwen tries to kill Theresa.
* Eve's son wants to meet her.
* Tabitha turns herself into a cat to stay close to Endora.

Wednesday, July 11
* Gwen and Rebecca find J.T.'s USB stick!
* Eve meets her son!
* Tabitha orders Julian to stay away from Endora.

Thursday, July 12
* Gwen and Rebecca finally learn Theresa's secret.
* Julian learns that Tabitha and Endora are witches.
* Esmerelda gets rid of the bad witches!

Friday, July 13
* Sheridan poisons Theresa's tea.
* Eve realizes her child is the one who killed Rae.
* Julian begs Tabitha to use her magic to reveal his son to him.

The Young and the Restless
* Colleen helps Kevin lure Jana back to Genoa City, leading to a dangerous confrontation, as Michael and Daniel try to prevent Kevin from taking deadly revenge.
* Despite the strain in their marriage, Nikki makes Victor a business proposition, while Victor offers Karen a job.
* Cane remains suspicious of Amber as he investigates the circumstances of their wedding.
* Noah runs away from home, prompting Nick to make an important decision about his life with Phyllis.
* Jill and Ji Min contemplate marriage, but a furious Kay forbids it.