Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SPOILERS for ATWT, B&B, Days, Passions and Y&R!

As the World Turns
Roger Howarth ("Paul") is back on Friday, July 27, as Paul shows up alive and well in the hospital.
The Bold and the Beautiful
* Don't miss tomorrow's episode, as Schae Harrison returns as "Darla." Thorne sees a vision of his dead wife while he is in an altered state.
* Also, Ridge and Ashley make love for the first time.
Days of Our Lives
* Bo and Lexie set up a trap for Andre.
* Jet reveals his true self to Chelsea.
* Roman is rushed to the hospital.
* Marlena wants to throw and engagement party for Belle.
* Nick finally remembers the results of Sami's paternity test.
Thursday - Sami holds Bart at gunpoint.
Friday - Andre and Tony come face to face.
Monday, July 30
· Luis pressures Fancy for answers about Pretty.
· Paloma and Noah plan to have a double wedding with Fancy and Luis.
· Julian tries to keep Eve from turning Vincent in to the police.

Tuesday, July 31
· Eve and Julian make love, but argue soon after.
· Luis' execution nears!
· Pretty arrives at the prison.

Wednesday, August 1
· Pretty confronts Fancy.
· Julian turns to Tabitha for counsel.
· Prison guards trap Norma and Mrs. Wallace.

Thursday, August 2
· Fancy tells Luis she can't marry him.
· Rebecca overhears Gwen having a mysterious phone conversation.
· Fox and Esme go out for a drink.

Friday, August 3
· Kay, Miguel, Pilar and Fancy say goodbye to Luis.
· Theresa is knocked unconscious.
· Vincent locks Eve in a closet.
The Young and the Restless
* Phyllis and Nick share a passionate embrace, but Phyllis remains uneasy about Nick’s continuing attraction to Sharon.
* Cane learns the truth about Amber’s deception and angrily confronts her.
* Daniel, Amber and Kevin’s involvement with the stolen money turns dangerous as lives are threatened – and someone is kidnapped!
* Kevin remains determined to prove that Jana is faking her seizures – and determined to put her behind bars.
* Sparks fly between Brad and Logan when they are trapped together in close quarters.