Friday, June 08, 2007

SPOILERS for Y&R, Passions and Days!


Days of Our Lives
Shawn learns that Willow's baby is NOT his.
Jeremy forces a kiss on Chelsea.
Sami and EJ are almost killed by a forklift but Lucas saves the day.
Stefano tells Marlena how she can end the feud between the Bradys and
the DiMeras.
Doug and Julie reminisce about their old life.
Thursday - Lexie Carver is back!
Friday - Bo and Hope face a ticking time bomb in the tunnel!

Monday, June 11
* Ethan knows that Theresa told her secret to Julian.
* Whitney makes it clear she will never give Chad another chance.
* Sam gives Noah a secret gift.

Tuesday, June 12
* The blackmailer is ready to kill Fancy.
* Whitney catches Chad making out with another woman at a bar.
* Noah proposes to Paloma!

Wednesday, June 13
* Sheridan hears Fancy being attacked, but doesn't call for help.
* Noah wonders how Paloma will answer his proposal.
* Julian and Ivy continue to bond.

Thursday, June 14
* Fancy realizes that Sheridan has abandoned her!
* Ethan promises Theresa he will never leave her.
* Kay wants to use her new powers to heal Fox.

Friday, June 15
* Sam discovers the blackmailer has escaped the hospital closet.
* Jared catches Theresa with Ethan at the wharf.
* Kay steals Tabitha's spell book!

The Young and the Restless
* Sharon attempts to expose Phyllis’ ruse, but a resourceful Phyllis turns the tables on her rival.
* Plum threatens to expose Amber’s secret, but his plans come to a disastrous end.
* Amber, Daniel and Kevin make a shocking discovery.
* After a debilitating stroke, William tries desperately to communicate. Gloria, fearful her secret will be revealed, keeps a watchful eye.
* After receiving a message from Jana, Kevin remains more determined than ever to find her and exact his revenge.