Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SPOILERS for AMC, B&B, Days, GH, OLTL, Passions and Y&R!

This helping of Spoiler Zone is larger than usual, so I hope ya'all have brought your appetites!

All My Children
Wednesday: JR sees his master plan crumble before his eyes.
Thursday: Kendall and Greenlee work together to recreate the magic they once shared.
Friday: JR’s duplicity could end up costing Adam everything.

The Bold and the Beautiful
Wednesday: Brooke and Taylor work together for Rick's sake. Rick makes a surprise appearance during Ridge's trial.

Days of Our Lives
Next Week: Lucas is uncertain if he can handle EJ being the father of Sami's baby.
Stefano accuses EJ of lying about Anna's intentions.
Kate blackmails Nick into rigging the amnio.
Max wants out of his deal with Jeremy.
Stefano corners Hope after catching her snooping in the DiMera mansion.
Belle and Philip receive their divorce papers.

General Hospital
Wednesday: Spinelli shares some troubling news with Jason.
Thursday: Tracy seals her own fate, thanks to Alan’s haunting.
Friday: Jason takes desperate measures.

One Life to Live
Wednesday: Romance is in the air as Starr’s prom comes to a close.
Thursday: Kirk promises to take Tate’s secret to the grave.
Friday: John has Marty dead to rights when he catches her in a lie.

Next Week:
Monday, June 25
Theresa professes her deep love for Ethan.
Rebecca senses there is a new man in Gwen's life.
The Blackmailer wants Sheridan to kill Theresa.

Tuesday, June 26
Kay unwittingly unleashes a pack of evil demons on Harmony!
Ethan wants nothing more to do with Gwen.
Sheridan is possessed by a demon.

Wednesday, June 27
Spike escapes from jail.
Ethan tells Theresa he's washing his hands of her.
Sheridan rips off the Blackmailer's mask.

Thursday, June 28
Theresa is knocked unconscious by a possessed Jared!
Fox is possessed and is intent on killing Miguel!
Tabitha enrolls Endora in good witch school.

Friday, June 29
Jared and Ethan fight for Theresa.
Julian threatens to send Miguel back to prison.
Whitney discovers Miles is missing.

The Young and the Restless
Sharon and Phyllis join forces to expose Nikki’s secret.
As the election draws near, an explosive revelation has drastic effects for both Jack’s and Nikki’s campaigns.
Amber continues to deceive Cane, but will she trap herself in her own dangerous lies?
An unexpected death and a hidden fortune bring Amber, Kevin and Daniel together in a secret pact.
After learning of Brad’s duplicity regarding Clear Springs, a seething Victoria seeks revenge in their divorce settlement.