Friday, June 15, 2007

OLTL Goes Musical

As many fans already know, beginning today One Life to Live begins showing "Prom Night: The Musical," where all your fave Llanview teens experience that quintessential of all rite of passages: PROM! Many of us will remember our own proms with fondness, embarrassment, maybe a little of both.

But for the teens in Llanview, you can add a little musical theatre to the mix. Running through Wednesday, "Prom Night: The Musical " will feature songs like "You're the Freak," "The Cheerleader is Always the Bitch" and the already popular "Together."

As described on OLTL's Web site: Prom's supposed to be fun, but the only person excited for it is Britney--and she's a bitch. Cole's agreed to go with her, but all he can think about it how he'd rather be going with Starr. Starr's agreed to do the platonic date thing with Markko, and her best friend Langston is a bit too adamant about not caring. Over the course of four episodes, couples will split, others will come together and destiny takes over as the magic of prom night may just touch Starr and Cole. And, of course, Britney will be a bitch.

Starr Manning is the daughter of two of Llanview's most masterful manipulators, Todd and Blair, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She's met her match in alpha bitch cheerleader Britney Jennings. Britney wants Cole Thornhart, Starr's ex but Cole wants Starr back. Only problem is, their parents hate each other (dad tried to strangle Cole), so dating isn't exactly easy. Starr's best friend Langston Wilde knows Starr and Cole are the real deal, but remains a cynic about love herself. She thinks Markko Rivera is a egotistical jock wannabe, while he thinks she's trying a little too work the hipster/goth look. Their arguments are a little too passionate. Hey, they say enemies can make the best lovers.

I spoke with Kristen Alderson about these special episodes and here's a snippet of what she had to say:

When you first found out that OLTL was going to be filming musical episodes, "Prom Night: The Musical," what was your reaction? Since you come from a musical theatre background, it must have been exciting for you.
I was extremely excited, but I was curious as to how they were going to do it. I didn't know whether it would be the actual play that the students were rehearsing for, or whether it would be a fantasylike scenario. Either way, I couldn't wait to hear the music and to get started. Especially since it would be something completely different from the usual. I thought it was an amazing idea.

How was it to film the episodes? You all must have had a lot of fun.
It was incredible, and took a lot of time. We had a blast, especially since all of us teens are so close in real life. We worked every day with long hours, but because it was so much fun, it went by very quickly. The rehearsals and the recordings were really cool because we never really work outside of the studio, and this was a breath of fresh air and a great experience.

What can you tell me about Starr's journey throughout the course of the four-episode story arc, without giving too much away, of course?
Well, there are definitely extreme amounts of drama and problems. No one goes to prom with who they really want to except for Britney. Starr and viewers will have to tune in to see if Starr and Cole are really meant to be.