Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Principal Cast Members of Passions to Make the Switch to DirecTV

Great news for Passions fans. Many of the principal cast members will be following the soaps move over to DirecTV. It has been a concern for many fans that with the switch, and resulting budget cuts, that the show would not be able to afford to keep on many of the regulars. However, in the press release below, you can see that many of the actors will be back:


BURBANK - MAY 23, 2007 -NBC Universal Television Studio has signed principal cast members of the hit daytime drama "Passions" to new contracts, ensuring that they will continue with the soap when it makes the move from NBC to The 101 on DIRECTV on September 17.

Those continuing with the series include: Eric Martsolf (Ethan), Ben Masters (Julian), Kim Johnston Ulrich (Ivy), Dylan Fergus (Noah), Galen Gering (Luis), Emily Harper (Fancy), Lindsay Hartley (Theresa), Liza Huber (Gwen), James Hyde (Sam), Juliet Mills (Tabitha), Heidi Mueller (Kay), Tracey Ross (Eve), Eva Tamargo (Pilar), McKenzie Westmore (Sheridan) and Erin Cardillo (Esme).

"We are thrilled that the principal cast members will continue on the show," said Annamarie Kostura, VP Daytime, NBC Universal. "It is important that the fans know that the show will still be the same after the move."

"This is great news for fans of the show who will be able to seamlessly join their favorite characters for new adventures on The 101," said Patty Ishimoto, General Manager, DIRECTV Entertainment. "We are excited about the news and are busy getting ready to welcome 'Passions' to its new home on DIRECTV.

Based on the rich history and mystery of the harbor community of Harmony, "Passions" explores the lives, loves and losses of four core families: the Cranes, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, the Bennetts and the Russells, each of whom have their own distinct and diverse challenges and desires.

"Passions" is produced by NBC Universal Television Studio and is taped in Studio City, California.