Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SPOILERS! Week of April 2nd

AMC: Adam walks in on Tad and Krystal at the worst possible moment.
ATWT: Jade isn't ready to let go of her grudge against Gwen. What does she have up her sleeve now?
B&B: Brooke isn't giving up on Nick, but she may have to reconsider if Taylor gets pregnant.
Days: A desperate Sami teams up with Celeste to get rid of EJ.
GH: Maxie and Coop consumate their relationship.
GL: Alan remembers who shot him.
OLTL: After learning the truth from Miles, Todd sets out to find his son.
Passions: Ethan and Theresa give in to temptation, unaware the peeping tom has a front-row seat.
Y&R: A tragic accident leaves one person near death, the other missing.