Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are Felicia and Storm Sittin' in a Tree?

While interviewing Lesli Kay for my interview column (which will run the week of April 27), I asked her if there is any truth to the rumors that Felicia might become involved with Storm Logan? She replied: “With Brad, rumors are just rumors until you see it on the written page. But no, it’s not in any of my scripts.”

So, as of now, it's just rumor. But, in the world of soaps, as we all know, anything can happen!

In the interview, Lesli opens up about her father's fight with colon cancer, and what it took out of her to play this part, and to do the part justice. It's a really great interview, so please try google it (if your paper does not carry the column) anytime after April 27 so you can read this interesting interview. It's definitely worth it!