Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ATWT: Contest Offers Up Brad & Katie for Hire

Need those gutters cleaned? How about all that laundry that’s been piling up? I bet you never thought you could get a soap star to do it for you. Well, “As the World Turns” is offering up two of its biggest stars, Terri Colombino (Katie) and Austin Peck (Brad), to perform one of your least favorite household chores. Plus the lucky recipient will also be awarded $5000! All you have to do is write the winning original essay explaining why you think these two celebrities should visit your hometown and clean your ... (insert whatever chore you desire).

How did this idea evolve? “ATWT” excecutive producer Christopher Goutman explains: “Our viewers have been inviting ‘As The World Turns’ into their living rooms for over 50 years. We are so excited to make this a two-way interaction for the very first time and to literally bring ‘As The World Turns’ into a fan’s home.”

So, hurry up because the “Win a Day with Brad and Katie” contest begins Mar. 29th, and all entries must be received by 6 p.m. (ET) on April 12th. Visit for details.


Anonymous said...

I would love for you guys to clean my Living Room !!!

Dia R Cotman
29721 Bright Ray pl
Wesley Chapel Fl, 33543