Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cady McClain Speaks Out

On her official Web site, Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, AMC) speaks out on her character's death, and the rumors that are swirling around her exit from AMC. Here is a snippet of her blog entry:

What happened EXACTLY when I was fired? (And let’s not mistake the fact that that is indeed what happened.)

I was told the following:

We know you haven’t been happy this year. (True, but I was making the adjustment, as I thought we all would.) We know you and Mike have had some tough times. (True, but we have been through worse, and ANYBODY who TRULY KNOWS US, knows I would be there for Mike in a goddamn second on a goddamn dime.)

Megan feels that everything that can be written for Tad and Dixie has been. It’s all been done before. (I thought, well, this may be true, but isn’t that a little … uncreative? Why ask someone to come back if you can’t think of anything to write for them?)

It is a mutual decision of Brian, Julie and Megan. I was told they all agreed on this decision.

She told me how nice I had been looking lately.

She told me she was very sorry.

I told her, well, I guess it’s for the best, I can audition again, and focus on my music, and I was really unhappy with what I felt was a lost morality on the show, but it was a BIG surprise that they would really KILL Dixie, and that I feel bad for the fans. What about all the Kate build-up? Where’s the happy ending?

I was told how the story would play out.

Look, it’s not my show. I really am only the actor. I don’t think they will ever bring me back, especially if they have removed the Dixie CHARACTER bio from the Web site. It’s over. It’s all done. AMC is going to become something totally different than it once was. It will be all new, all different. Why? I can only conjecture.
All this comes as a shock and a shame to me. I spoke with Cady last summer and she was so excited about Dixie's return and the possibilities involved. And now, it seems, AMC has let it all slip away. Whichever soap (if that is her chosen path) picks her up will benefit from AMC's mistake.
As the World Turns, are you listening? Rosanna Cabot is due for a return!