Monday, January 08, 2007

Spoilers! Week of Jan. 8th

There's lots of excitement this week in the soap world this week, so fire up those Tivos!

AMC: The investigation into Zarf's past hits too close to home for Zach.
ATWT: Emily suspects Craig is behind a recent kidnapping.
B&B: Taylor finds herself reliving the night she killed Darla -- will it happen again?
Days: Willow gets revenge against Shawn and makes a little extra cash in the process.
GH: Maxie's manipulations are finally catching up with her. Who will expose the truth?
OLTL: Spencer offers to tell Todd where his son is, but wants something in return.
Passions: Jessica thinks she knows who raped Fancy. Can he be stoppped?
Y&R: Someone is getting even with Dru on Carmen's behalf.