Thursday, January 04, 2007

Soap Star Attacked by Obsessed Fan

According to the Web site TMZ, Days of Our Lives actor Drake Hogestyn was attacked at his home on New Year's Eve by an obsessed fan.

A restraining order was filed by Hogestyn against a man he says assaulted him in his home on New Year's Eve, and "physically tried to exorcise the devil from me."

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Hogestyn says Cheney was "calling me by my stage name ... recalling past storylines, especially the demonic possession of several years past. But more important, he thought I was dead, because the show that aired on Friday 12/29/06 left my character John Black shot and presumed dead."

Drake was every bit the soap-opera stud: He rushed over to the attacker, who was confronting Drake's wife on the porch, spun him around and decked him on the chin. He then subdued the man and duct-taped his arms and legs together until the police could arrive.

Thank goodness no one was hurt in this senseless act. Obviously the man who attacked Drake, Carl Raymond Cheney, has mental-health issues, so hopefully he will get the help he needs. And kudos to Drake's heroic bravery!