Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Passions" the Latest Soap Casualty

Although it hasn't been officially announced, rumor has it that "Passions" has been canceled. I feared as much when I recently learned that the show's contract was up. Last year, "Passions" agreed to some major budget cuts in order to stay on the air. (The soap has always ranked last in overall ratings against other daytime soaps.) What's a shame is that in recent months, the show has been at its best creatively (love the pairing of Luis and Fancy!) and the stories are moving along faster. (Theresa still pines after Ethan, but now she has Jared to keep her warm at night.)

So enjoy the next few months, because it will likely be the last for "Passions." NBC plans to add an extra hour of "The Today Show" to its lineup and needs the room, but that won't start until September, so hopefully we'll have "Passions" around for another eight months.

Stay tuned here for any updates. Hopefully I'll have some good news to report, like another network picking up the fledgling soap. Keep your fingers crossed!