Saturday, December 23, 2006

SPOILERS! Week of Dec. 25th

AMC: Bianca is floored when she answers the door.
ATWT: Iris and Jade threaten to expose Gwen’s secret.
B&B: Stephanie discovers Jackie’s shameful past; will she use it to her advantage?
Days: Patrick kidnaps Hope right before she goes into labor.
GH: Maxie uses her “miscarriage” to gain sympathy from Lucky.
GL: Lizzie’s dreams of a perfect beachside honeymoon get swept out to sea.
OLTL: Marty stops John from making a huge mistake.
Passions: Whitney’s doubts about Chad re-emerge shortly after their wedding.
Y&R: Dru makes a confession after more DNA evidence is found on Devon.
-- Dana

Thursday, December 21, 2006

"General Hospital" Favorite Returns

Bad boy Scott Baldwin (played by Kin Shriner) returns to "GH" just in time for February sweeps. The reason for his return has been kept on the DL, but we can't wait to see what he has in store for Port Charles' residents.

Many fans speculated that he would return in time for Luke and Laura's remarriage (much like his debut at their wedding 25 years ago when he emerged from the shadows to catch Laura's bouquet). But their wedding has come and gone, and still, no Scotty.

“I look forward to returning to the General Hospital family," Shriner said. "The fans are going to be very excited to see my character return to town with a well-crafted and edge of your seat storyline. Some very important questions about Luke, Laura and Scotty will be answered."

To add a bit of a twist, here is what ABC has said about Shriner's return: "[Shriner's] return will coincide with an explosive story line for the upcoming February sweep where a new storytelling technique will be used, a first in daytime."

Hmmmm ... what could it be? Anyone have any guesses?

Monday, December 18, 2006

SPOILERS! Week of Dec. 18th

AMC: Kendall arranges a secret DNA test to see if Ryan is Emma’s father.
ATWT: Katie is surprised to see whom Mike is with at the Snyder farm.
B&B: Stephanie finds a surprise on her doorstep for Christmas.
Days: Stefano reveals EJ’s true identity.
GH: Nikolas faces his worst nightmare at the Christmas pageant.
GL: Coop resorts to manipulative tactics in his attempt to start a new life with Ava.
OLTL: Blair and the life of her unborn child are in great danger.
Passions: Fancy’s investigation of a peeping tom has heartbreaking consequences.
Y&R: Brad and Sharon share a special moment during the winter storm.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

As the Revolving Casting Door Turns

Each week we get news of someone in the soap world not renewing their contract, or the show not renewing it for them, and then in return we see some new faces gracing our screens. It's always upsetting to hear that one of your favorite stars is leaving daytime, but also realize there is a good chance he or she could return after trying their luck in Hollywood. I love seeing soap stars succeed in primetime and movies, but I love it even more when one of my favorite stars comes back.

One such star is Jay Kenneth Johnson, who is returning to Salem ("Days of Our Lives") as Philip Kiriakis starting Jan. 12th. Johnson had a role on the now-defunct primetime series "North Shore" and a recurring role as the cutest gynecologist ever on the NBC sitcom "Scrubs." I'm not sure how long his stay will be in Salem -- if it's a typical 3-year contract or just a quick stint to wrap up Philip's storyline – but, either way, savor him while he lasts because he's young, talented and pretty enough to want to give primetime stardom a shot again someday.

Also coming back is Elizabeth Hendrickson as Maggie on "All My Children." Now I do know this is just a short-term gig, but fans are thrilled anyway. Now that Eden Reigel is back full-time as Maggie's partner, Bianca, everyone keeps asking, "Where is Maggie?!" The only thing we know so far is that Maggie cheated on Bianca, and that's why Bianca headed home to Pine Valley, but now Maggie has some competition with the peculiar Zarf trying to win Bianca's heart. If you're not tuning in already, make sure you do on Jan. 15th when Hendrickson makes her first appearance.

Unfortunately, we must say goodbye to two more "Days" stars who are being let go: Rhasaan Orange (Tek) and Judi Evans (Bonnie). Hopefully we WILL be seeing these two some more, either on another soap (to me Evans will always be Beth Raines on "GL" -- come back and bring Grant Aleksander, as Phillip, with you) or on a primetime show worth their talents.

Lastly, some good news. Hillary B. Smith has signed a new contract to continue as Nora on "One Life to Live." Yippee! I was worried because her character gave up the job of prosecuting Spencer to her colleague Evangeline, and her time onscreen seemed to be dwindling more and more lately, but the soap has shown renewed faith in her appeal (fans have long since known this), and she's supposed to have a juicy storyline coming up with Nora's rival, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland).

So we lose a few, we win a few. I wish all the stars good luck in their new endeavors, but if I see your mug back on my TV during the hours of noon and 4 p.m. someday, I won't be complaining.

Monday, December 11, 2006

SPOILERS! Week of Dec 11th

AMC: After another woman is found murdered, Josh is determined to protect Babe.
ATWT: Lucy makes good on her promise to Jennifer.
B&B: Nick’s therapy sessions with Taylor uproot some buried memories.
Days: This is the week Steve and Kayla fans have been waiting for!
GH: Carly remains torn between Sonny and Jax – will she call off the wedding?
GL: Jonathan and Tammy act on their passion while Lizzie grows increasingly frustrated.
OLTL: Blair takes a DNA test, praying her baby is Todd’s, not Spencer’s.
Passions: Fancy finds herself in a dangerous situation without any backup.
Y&R: A winter storm puts several lives in danger. Will Phyllis and her baby survive?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Soapy tidbits

“Guiding Light” fans, you only have a few more days to enter to win a lunch with “GL” stars Mandy Bruno (Marina) and John Driscoll (Coop). From now through Dec. 14th, log on to to enter the contest, which benefits New York Cares, which brings volunteer support to over 850 diverse nonprofit agencies, public schools and other deserving organizations throughout NYC’s five boroughs. Visit for more information on this wonderful organization.

“Passions” may not be known for winning Emmys, but collectively it probably has the best-looking cast in daytime. Adrian Bellani, who plays Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, has been named one of the year’s 25 Hottest Latin Bachelors in the world by Cingular Wireless and “People en Espanol” magazine. You can now also download his pretty mug to your cell phone by texting from your Cingular Wireless device to 45313 and typing in the letters (ADRI). You will then receive the information needed to download his image to your phone.

If you’ve ever admired Hope’s jewelry on “Days of Our Lives,” you’re just a keystroke away from adding it to your collection. Kristian Alfonso, who plays Hope Brady on the soap has launched a jewelry line she calls Hope Faith Miracles. Prices range from $24 to $95 and include beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even stationery designed and worn by Alfonso. Visit and start shopping!

If you’ve been enjoying Gwen’s bluesy vocals on “As the World Turns,” you can download the song at iTunes. Jennifer Landon recorded the song “Slide,” which was written by Nini Camps and published by Cherry River Music/Lovepie Music. Simply log on to and search for “Slide” by Jennifer Landon and you’ll be tapping your foot in no time.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Days Star Fired!?!

Fan favorite Renee Jones ("Lexie Carver" of Days of Our Lives) has been let go. The dismissal is particularly surprising as it comes as Lexie's family - the DiMeras - is getting increased air time on the NBC soap. "Renee is still taping here at Days," a show spokesperson stated. "Unfortunately, I do not have any further information at this time."

This is a huge surprise, storyline-wise, but not budget-wise. It's no secret that the show has been struggling with money concerns, and characters have been dropping left and right. I had hoped that the firings had reached a plateau, and that we wouldn't have to bid adieu to anymore of our favorites.

Hopefully Renee's firing will be the last for a while. Pretty soon, there will be no one left!

A final airdate for Renee has yet to be announced.

Leyden and Collier leaving Oakdale

Pilot season usually begins in January, and we often lose some of our best soap stars around this time so they can try their luck in primetime. Last year Mark Collier (Mike, ATWT) and Grayson McCouch (Dusty, ATWT) both left their soaps temporarily to audition for several pilots (TV shows that aim for a spot on the fall schedule) but came back to their soap roles when they didn't have any luck. This year, Collier is leaving "ATWT" permanently, when his contract is up in December, to give pilot season another try. Paul Leyden (Simon) is also leaving -- he just signed a 6-month contract, and it's up in December. Leyden actually landed a primetime gig a couple years back on the Heather Locklear airport drama "LAX" but, alas, it was canceled.

So now that the soap's two biggest hunks are leaving at the end of the year, where does that leave Katie (Terri Colombino)? With Austin Peck, most likely. Peck has won of the role of Brad Snyder and will debut early next year. This is just speculation, but I'm thinking he'll be a love interest for Katie (poor Henry, no blondes seem to appreciate him), and thus fufill the show's hunk deficit in the process.

I wish Collier and Leyden luck in L.A., but if Hollywood doesn't come calling, let's hope they return to Oakdale. Katie is at her most entertaining when she's conflicted about love.

Monday, December 04, 2006

SPOILERS! Week of Dec. 4, 2006

You know the drill, so here goes:

AMC: The cause of Simone's death is determined.
ATWT: Paul and Meg's wedding day arrives, but will Emily allow the marriage to occur?
B&B: Stephanie confronts her mother.
Days: Willow interrupts a decisive moment between Belle and Shawn.
GH: Lucky and Elizabeth find themselves under the mistletoe.
GL: Gus gets bad news from the fertility clinic.
OLTL: Todd sets out on a mysterious mission.
Passions: Miguel and Kay continue to have misunderstandings.
Y&R: Katherine and Jill decide to end the mother/daughter question once and for all.

Friday, December 01, 2006

AMC Breaks New Ground

Jeffrey Carlson, "Zarf"

In what will be a first for daytime television - or any scripted series on broadcast television - All My Children will reveal that a new character, Zarf, is a transgender person.

While I am all for this new development, I am not so sure about the name "Zarf." Sounds like a character from a Poppy Z. Brite novel. If the show is trying to promote "transgenders as people too," perhaps they should have opted for a more normal name? I know the character is an international rock star, so hopefully that is just his/her stage name.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sneak Peek for the Week of Nov. 27

Semi-spoiler zone, kiddies. So, don't read iffen you don't wanna know!

AMC: Zach makes a big purchase for Kendall.
ATWT: Dusty aims a loaded gun at Craig.
B&B: Stephanie revisits old ghosts with a phone call to Chicago.
Days: Marlena and John go on an Italian adventure.
GH: Robin loses her gracious bedside manner.
GL: Olivia uncovers something in her deep-seeded memory of the night with Jeffrey.
OLTL: John catches Natalie in a compromising position.
Passions: Ethan finds dirt on Jared.
Y&R: Jill worries about Kay's health, and Kay continues to have disturbing dreams.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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