Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interview GH: Greg Vaughan Is Happy to Be a Part of Television History

(Super Soap Weekend, Nov. 15, 2008)

Everyone knows the love story of Luke and Laura Spencer. Their wedding on General Hospital back in 1981 was the highest-rated hour in American soap-opera history. Their union has produced three children: Nikolas, Lucky and Lulu.

The royalty status of Tony Geary and Genie Francis isn’t lost on Greg Vaughan, who plays their son Lucky. When Genie come backs to play her recurring role of Laura, Greg admits, “I catch myself watching them (tape their scenes) in awe.”

Greg continues: “I think I speak for Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and Julie Berman (Lulu) when I say that we are just watching them and thinking, ‘These guys are a part of history.’ Not just the history of daytime, but the history of television. Thirty million people watched these two get married. The foundation they laid for television was great, and just being a part of that history and being able to say, ‘Yeah, Luke and Laura are my parents,’ is pretty great. Most anyone you ask knows who Luke and Laura are, women especially, and just being a part of that is nice.”

While Greg loves being a part of American soap-opera history, he also can’t wait to see what’s coming next for Lucky and his future.

Greg explains: “There is so much about Lucky that is undiscovered. There is much he hasn’t really embarked on. I think there is something greater that has not been told with my character.”

Like most actors, Greg is eager to delve deeper and really get to the crux of Lucky. “I love the character; I just think there’s been a very minimal amount of opportunity to show what this character can do — not just what he has already done, and the history of the character.”

Later this year, Greg will be celebrating a personal milestone. “I will be the first actor to portray Lucky longer than six years. For me, I hope that for the next few years, he gets to do something, something really challenging and interesting. I’ve been waiting for a great opportunity to do something. I’ve only been given one chance with the drug story, and that never really went anywhere. I’m just hanging on.”

And Greg is content to hang on for as long as it takes, because he knows he is a part of something that is much bigger than his character. “There is just so much that is great about General Hospital and the history of the show. It’s been on television for 45 years, and the fact that I am a part of that is really cool.”

Coming next month, you can also see Greg on the original Beverly Hills, 90210, when Season 7 is released on DVD. Some of you might remember that Greg portrayed the recurring character of Cliff Yeager, the hunky firefighter who dates Donna Martin.

Days: Such a Tease!

•Tony and Nicole overhear Sami say that she’s going to adopt a baby.

•Brady and Rafe meet for the first time at the Brady Pub.

•Bo sees the man in his vision with Hope (Kristian Alfonso, pictured) — it’s Roman.

•Victor fires Philip from Titan.

•Chloe feels nauseous and is not happy when she checks her calendar.

Thursday – Sami learns Rafe share a meaningful kiss before bringing Grace home from the convent.

Friday – Tony and Philip have a deadly struggle on the pier.

B&B: Such a Tease!

•Taylor makes a shocking discovery.

•Donna kicks a fragile Pam while she is down.

•Stephanie (Susan Flannery, pictured) gives Rick and Brooke a reason to fear for their lives.

•Due to CBS Sports programming, The Bold and the Beautiful will be pre-empted March 19 and 20.

Y&R: Such a Tease!

•Cane, Lily (Christel Khalil, pictured), Billy and Chloe have an angry stand-off over custody of Delia. Will Jill take sides?

•Neil is destroyed when Devon confronts him about sleeping with Tyra.
•After seeing Billy and Sharon together, Phyllis gets into a heated confrontation with Sharon. Will Phyllis keep her word to Sharon and not tell Jack?

•With Victor's help, Adam is released in his custody. Will this bring them closer together or tear them further apart?

•Kevin hits rock bottom when he thinks he killed Clint.

GL: Such a Tease!

•Phillip and Grady face off about Lizzie (Marcy Rylan, pictured).

•Lizzie and Bill are reunited.

•Frank proposes to Natalia.

•Marina and Mallet celebrate with baby Henry.

ATWT: Such a Tease!

•Meg and Dusty take the next step in their relationship.
•Emily wonders what Lucy is up to.

•Liberty and Parker take drastic measures to get what they want.

•Luke and Noah (Jake Silbermann, pictured) are treated with unkindness.

Monday, March 16, 2009

GH: Such a Tease!

Winnifred risks everything in her effort to help Spinelli.
Nikolas wants Lucky to stay away from Rebecca.
Carly fears she’ll end up ruining her happiness with Jax.

Jax and Carly speak from their hearts.
Patrick (Jason Thompson, pictured) is hurt and furious by Robin’s actions.
Alexis holds Winnifred and Spinelli’s fate in her hands.

Johnny has an ultimatum for Sonny.
Rayner puts the pressure on Jason.
Robin just isn’t acting like herself.

Ric pulls the rug out from under Claudia.
Jax gets shocking news.
Spinelli and Winnifred are on a mission.

OLTL: Such a Tease!

A devastated Nora wants to throw the book at Cole.
Tea tells Todd she’s through cleaning up his messes.
Cristian leaves Layla (Tika Sumpter, pictured) with plenty to think about.

Emotions run wild as Nora has it out with Marty.
Todd decides to fight for his children.
Bo and Rex commiserate over the plight of their sons.

Rex steps up to the plate for Shane.
Natalie and Jared take action to uncover the truth.
Jessica and Brody yearn for each other.

Stacy tells Roxy she knows all about her dirty little secret.
John discovers another clue.
Marty turns to an unlikely source for help.

AMC: Such a Tease!

Kendall questions Zach about Reese.
Ryan and Kendall find comfort with each other.
Aidan makes a curious discovery.

Kendall admits she still has feelings for Ryan.
Zach stays by Reese’s side after her surgery.
JR wants nothing to do with Amanda.

Zach wonders what secrets Aidan might be keeping.
Ryan goes crazy when he thinks he’s betrayed Greenlee’s memory.
David is up to his old tricks.

Zach tells Kendall what Ryan is really up to.
Reese realizes what she truly wants.
Colby (Brianne Moncrief, pictured) plays into David’s hands.