Monday, February 23, 2009

AMC Such a Tease!

Kendall tells Bianca the bond they shared is broken forever.
Zach refuses to help Reese.
David warns Amanda to stick to the plan.

Zach won’t tolerate the distance between him and Kendall.
Bianca shares an emotional goodbye with Erica and Kendall.
Krystal and JR grow suspicious of David and Amanda.

Reese lets Zach and Kendall know she’s not going anywhere.
David puts the screws to Amanda.
Aidan admits to Angie (Debbi Morgan, pictured) he’s fallen in love with Annie.

Jake convinces Krystal to keep Amanda’s secret.
Reese tells Adam she overheard Kendall’s confession.
Ryan plans on stealing the casino away from Zach.

Adam is confident he has the ammunition he needs to take Zach down.
Amanda can’t go through with destroying JR.
Angie’s shocked to learn what Jake and Frankie did.