Monday, January 26, 2009

GH Interview: Laura Wright Is Having a Blast

Carly Corinthos has had her good moments, but she has also had her bad moments. She’s not the type of character you can box into a corner, and neither is her portrayer, Laura Wright. Since arriving on the scene on General Hospital back in 2005, Laura has hit the ground running and hasn’t looked back.

“I have a blast with Carly,” Laura says. “There are so many things to like about her. I love her passion for people she cares about. You want to say just Sonny and Jason, but it has expanded now to Jax, and of course her family and her kids.

“I just love how her pendulum swings so drastically — I love that about her. Some people are even keel; she’s not. You have your Elizabeths and your Robins — they are intelligent and they’re smart, and they handle things in a normal way. And then you have Carly. And I enjoy that as an actress.”

Laura can also look at Carly with an impartial eye and realize that most times, it is Carly who is to blame for the things she gets herself into. Laura explains: “She’s the one who gets herself into trouble. She could point her finger all day long, but it's like, YOU did it — no one else.”

Like any human, Laura can sometimes get frustrated with Carly, as do her fans, but she doesn’t complain or play the blame game. She looks at it as a challenge. “Sometimes I don’t always love how Carly is written, but that’s my job to figure it out and make it work. I think sometimes I struggle with her obsession with Sonny and Jason. But then again, that’s what makes her Carly. The things that you love about her are the things that you hate about her. I mean, she is her own worst enemy.”

While anything is possible in daytime, there are some things Laura would still like to do. She says: “I thought the Nikolas/Carly pairing could be interesting. I am an actress who believes you can do anything if it is written well, so bring it on. There is nothing they could give me that I would not dive into and rip it up.”

Laura has also set her sights on excitement for Carly, as if she doesn’t get enough already. “I think Jax and Carly should do an Alias/James Bond-type adventure. We all know he looks amazing in a tux, and I can wear a skimpy little outfit. I love that. Those are my favorite kinds of shows.”

Laura doesn’t know what the future holds for Carly, but she is excited by all the possibilities. She explains: “There could be tons in store for her, of course depending on what they want to do. I’m not the kind of person where you can wall me in. I say, put me with Rick, I don’t care. The story would be why you’d be with someone that crazy. I think the crazier and more ‘out there’ the story line, the better for me.”


RKelly said...

Enjoyed the interview, I think Laura Wright is amazing!