Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dana and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, good company and good fun! — Cindy

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Super Soap Weekend Pictures and Videos

OK folks, it took me a while, but I finally have the Super Soap Weekend pictures and videos posted. As an added bonus for easier navigation and sharing, they are all located on one website (although Shutterfly and YouTube host them). So please, visit the site, share it with friends, and leave plenty of nice comments.

You'll also find pictures and videos from SSW 2007, for all those people who are feeling a bit nostalgic.

Days: Such a Tease!


* Nicole convinces Dr. Baker to lie to EJ.

* Steve and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans, pictured) try to enjoy a romantic evening together.

* Lucas tells Kate about his proposal to Chloe.

* Stefano calls for an obstetrician to examine Nicole.

* Melanie tells Maggie that she’s ready to prove herself to Philip.

Thursday – Daniel finds a bone marrow match for Kate.

Friday – Rafe heads to the DiMera mansion looking for info about the mayor’s killer.

Monday, November 24, 2008

AMC: What a Tease!

Aidan (Aiden Turner, pictured) comes clean with Greenlee.
Annie makes a desperate move when her misdeeds come to light.
Angie’s emotions get the best of her.

Ryan and Greenlee wonder what Aidan’s really up to.
Brot insists to Colby that Taylor is better off without him.
Aidan warns Zach that Annie could be his undoing.

Jake tells Taylor how he really feels about her.
Amanda tells David they’ll be playing by her rules from now on.
Annie goes off the deep end.

OLTL: What a Tease!

Marty is pained over the reality of all she’s lost.
Blair assumes that her relationship with John has come to an end.
Rex comes through for Brody.

Jessica shares an emotional goodbye with her daughters before going to St. Ann’s.
Sarah (Justis Bolding, pictured) finds Vanessa seeking comfort in Cristian’s arms.
Viki rages against the memory of her father and his legacy of pain.

Blair provides a safe haven for John.
Jessica and Brody encounter each other at St. Ann’s.

GH: What a Tease!

Sam and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst, pictured) make unlikely allies.
Olivia finds a kindred spirit in Carly.
Jax and Nikolas play hardball when both men dig in their heels.

Elizabeth’s greatest nightmare comes true.
Carly doesn’t like what she finds when she drops in on Kate.
Johnny turns his back on his family.

It’s Thanksgiving in Port Charles.
Patrick and Robin wonder what would have happened if fate hadn’t crossed their path.
Robin and Patrick make a decision about their future.

Unconfirmed: Brenda Walsh Is Pregnant

Unnamed sources have given us quite a scoop here at Daytime Dial: Brenda Walsh is pregnant. In the last episode, Brenda confessed to Kelly that she slept with Ryan. Now, we hear Brenda is going to have a "medical-related" story line. While some are speculating that Brenda has some disease or illness that will cause her demise, I have it on fairly good authority that Shannen Doherty's alter ego will be popping out a little Ryan Jr. some time next year. That will definitely cause some friction between Kelly and Brenda, ya think?

Stay tuned ... and when our prediction comes true, you can say you read it here first!

ETA: However, if my source is intentionally trying to throw us off the track, then the other scenario is that Adriana is pregnant. As you will recall, she threw up at the smell of a hotdog during last week's episode. However, they haven't shown her and Navid doing the nasty (they made a big deal out of him being a virgin), so that would be a cheap trick to make her be the one preggers. But hey, you never know!

Allyson Rice and World Vision Gifts

For all our Daytime Dial readers, Allyson Rice (ex-Conner Jamison Walsh, As the World Turns) asked me to post this letter on the website, and I didn't hesitate, because it promotes a wonderful organization for the holidays. I hope you will read it and be moved to participate.

Hello wonderful friends near and far:
I wanted to share an idea that we are doing this year at the holidays. We've done this before, but are doing it on a larger scale this year. There are so many people in desperate need right now, and even though we, like a great many people, are having trouble meeting bills, and keeping our business running, we still have more than most people on the planet. If you're getting this email, you probably do too.

There's a catalog I got in the mail called World Vision Gifts (, and they have a large range of price options -- lots of inexpensive options: $25 to give 2 chickens, $17 provides fast-growing and drought-resistant seeds, $35 for a share of a sheep, $30 for 5 ducks, $25 provides care for an orphan or AIDS-affected child. And on up to $2000 for 28 farm animals if you have the resources to do some thing bigger! All are gifts that will help them build a better life; the gift grows and continues to enrich the lives of their family members and community. A "teaching them how to fish" kind of gift...

Dashiell (my 14-year old) really likes the ones that "multiply" due to corporate matched gifts (he's also asked for this gift from relatives -- totally his idea when he saw the catalog lying around...) : $25 provides $350 of school supplies, $35 provides $490 worth of clothing, $25 provides $350 of necessities for US children (diapers, clothing, blankets, toys, etc), $50 provides $250 worth of emergency food and aid in Africa, $60 provides 10 fruit trees, etc etc. Lots more to choose from, but these are some of the lower $ options. You also might consider doing one of the ones that specifically helps young girls and women around the world: $35 to send a girl to school, $35 to assist with care for sexually exploited girls rescued from sex slave trade, $100 loan for an impoverished women.

Of course, there are so many good causes out there to support, and maybe you have your favorites already. But it's just something to think about this season with all this talk of CHANGE going on. Make it a bigger action than just you alone. Get your family and friends involved. We could all give up one more sweater or small electronic to share some hope with someone in need.

And you can always go to the post office locally and look through letters to Santa that are asking for basic needs like clothes and food for their family. I've done that since living in NY where the central post office in Manhattan gathered all the letters together for people to look through and help locally. There are people probably right down your street that need help, and a little support. Go out this holiday season and really spread the SPIRIT of the season, no matter what holiday you might celebrate. Please feel free to forward this to as many people as you can think of to encourage a really special holiday this year. And as you type the email addresses of your friends and family members, count them, your support system, among your many blessings!

I wish you all a beautiful holiday season, filled with joy, gratitude for all you have, and a spirit of reaching out knowing you can make a difference in someone's life.

Many blessings,

Interview: John O'Hurley Talks Dogs

(John O'Hurley and friend, a Dogue de Bordeaux. Photo Credit: Mitch Haaseth/NBC)

To most television viewers, John O’Hurley is best known for his role of J. Peterman on Seinfeld or his nearly 12-year daytime-television career on shows including The Young and the Restless, All My Children, Loving, Santa Barbara and The Edge of Night. However, this is the time of year when John goes to the dogs — literally.

On Thanksgiving Day, from noon to 2 p.m. in all time zones (directly following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade), John will be hosting the 7th Annual National Dog Show Presented by Purina on NBC. John is more than eager to begin his annual hosting duties.

“I am very excited, because we have about 2,000 dogs this year,” John says. “I just did a photo shoot with the Dogue de Bordeaux, a French Mastiff, which is a new breed they are introducing, and it is an absolutely precious dog. It has the face of a Shar-Pei and the body of a Mastiff. They are enormous dogs, but they are as sweet as can be.

“Two of the best in the country were here (for the photo shoot), so I am excited to see how they do among all the other dogs here. I love seeing a new breed introduced, because it brings out all of the breeders to the show to see how theirs match up.”

John himself is definitely a dog man. “Our family has two brand-new ones this year. We lost one of our dogs; we lost little Betty, who was the inspiration for the first book that I wrote (“It’s Okay to Miss the Bed on the First Jump: And Other Life Lessons I Learned From Dogs”). But we have two others: a little cavalier King Charles and a little Havanese. So we have two brand-new breeds in the house, and they go along with our 18-and-a-half-year-old Maltese, Scoshi.”

John’s 2-year-old son, William, is a chip off the old block when it comes to dogs. John tells me: “He is great around dogs. ‘The Dog Show’ is just a wonderful day for him; he gets to wander and look at all the cages and all of the dogs. It’s such a special event for him.”

This special event has become quite a family event for the O’Hurleys. John explains: “We always find a way to put William in the show somehow. It adds a family element to a family day, and that’s really what the show is about. It doesn’t have the pretense of other shows. As much as it is a formal show event, and certainly one of the two top dog shows in the country, we try to keep the presentation of it as a fun family event. So if you’re watching on the greatest family day of the year, you have a chance to watch something that is very family-friendly.”

When it comes to dogs, John knows his facts: “People don’t realize the depth of the AKC registration. There are more than 165 different breeds that are recognized, and all of these have a history as to their function. ‘The Dog Show’ really is a celebration of the history of breeding.

“These days we celebrate dogs as pets, but they weren’t always pets. Dogs were a function: You needed them to hunt, to retrieve, to do farm work or for the simple act of keeping you warm. Many of these smaller breeds were bred for warmth, back when there were no heaters — the early Chinese were breeding dogs for that reason. So there’s a wonderful history of breeding, and ‘The Dog Show’ is a wonderful way to celebrate the tradition and the depth of the history.”

John has been hosting the show since its beginning in 2002, and he looks forward to it every year. John says: “We present one of the most enjoyable events, I feel, that is on television all year long, and I would never give it up.”

Y&R: Such a Tease!

• Sharon is furious when she finds out Jack (Peter Bergman, pictured) is keeping more secrets from her.

• Phyllis and Brad form an alliance that can destroy Sharon and Jack’s marriage.

• Tyra’s Thanksgiving takes a turn for the worse when social services show up.

•Kay is more confused than ever when she starts her first shift at the diner. Will she be able to assume Marge’s identity much longer?

GL: Such a Tease!

• Lizzie gets good news.

• Reva makes a big decision about her baby.

• Beth (Beth Chamberlin, pictured) is busted by Buzz.

• ­Christina learns Remy didn’t submit the annulment papers on time. ­

ATWT: Such a Tease!

• Josie reveals a connection to another man in Oakdale.

• Emily gets the cold shoulder from Casey.

• Dusty (Grayson McCouch, pictured) starts to put the pieces together.

•­ Janet makes nice with Carly.