Friday, May 30, 2008

Casting News: ABC Lets Some Faves Go!

All three ABC soap operas will be letting a popular character go with in the next few months. General Hospital's Logan, played by Josh Duhon, will exiting the show this summer. One Life to Live's Forbes March, who plays Nash, will be killed off on June 5. And All My Children's Levin Rambin (Lily/Ava) is set to leave June 10.

However, in my opinion, the appearance of Cyndi Lauper (!) on July 3 on As the World Turns almost makes up for it. This Cindy (along with Cyndi) is one girl who wants to have fun!

On The Young and the Restless, Cynthia Sikes comes to Genoa City on June 19 as Sabrina's mom, Zara, and methinks she'll be stirring up her fair share of trouble. Finola Hughes (on/off Anna, GH) was originally cast in the role, but competing network ABC asked her not to.

For the time being, Stefano DiMera will remain in a coma on Days of Our Lives. Portrayer Joseph Mascolo is said to be very disppointed by the news. Maybe The Bold and the Beautiful is paying attention - Massimo Marone, anyone?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daytime Dial Gets (Uncredited) Mention in OK! Magazine

Last night, I was perusing OK! Magazine online, because I wanted to read the recent interview with former heartthrob (and my former future husband) Kirk Cameron.

I noticed a link entitled: Melrose Place: Where Are They Now? You can bet that piqued my interest, so I clicky-clicked the link. It's a fun little article, fun to see what Michael Mancini and Jane Mancini and others have been up to, and what they look like. I was sad to see "Grizzly Man" Grant Show. Man, I hope that was for an acting role.

Anyhoo, imagine my surprise when I get to Laura Leighton's photo spread and see that they quoted from my Aug. 17, 2007, interview, but failed to credit me or Daytime Dial.

Melrose Place: Where Are They Now?

Then: Laura Leighton joined the show during its second season and played scheming Sydney Andrews, the younger sister of Jane Mancini. In a 2007 interview Laura reflected on her Melrose Place years. "Sydney was so much fun to play," she said. "I really dug the character; I could see there was so much potential there. It was definitely the right time for that character to come on to the show."

However, it is still pretty exciting.

Now, all of you peeps who have a blog, make a link in your blog mentioning this, so maybe somewhere in the blogosphere, I'll get due credit!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SOAPnet Orders 2nd Season of General Hospital: Night Shift


New Head Writer and Executive Producer Join Series For Season Two, Which Will Be Shot in High Definition

Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney ABC Television Group, today announced that SOAPnet has ordered Season Two of its top-rated original scripted drama, “General Hospital: Night Shift.” Thirteen episodes, to be taped in HD, have been ordered. Production will begin in June 2008, and the series will premiere in July and air Tuesdays at 11:00 p.m. The series, which is the network’s most-watched of all time, is a storyline extension about the lives and loves of “General Hospital’s” favorite characters during the nigh shift at the hospital.

“Growing the ‘General Hospital’ franchise by expanding its storyline on SOAPnet was a great success. Each series compliments the other and drives viewership across both networks. In its first season, ‘Night Shift’ brought over a million new viewers to SOAPnet,” said Frons. “In addition to meeting our viewers’ needs with a great series, we are also proud to offer Season Two in HD, as our affiliates are looking for more and more HD content and added value.”

The second season of “General Hospital: Night Shift” will feature favorite characters from the first season, some new faces, as well as the return of legacy “General Hospital” characters. In addition, the continuity between stories on “Night Shift” and ABC’s “General Hospital” will match. The series will focus on the ups and downs of life for the hospital staff, as they cope with life and death situations that reflect their own personal struggles. In its freshman season, “General Hospital: Night Shift” was record setting, ranking as the net’s most-watched original series of all time in Total Viewers, Women 18-34 and Women 18-49. Competitively, the scripted spin-off ranked No. 5 in the hour versus all basic cable in core demo Women 18-49, an impressive feat given the channel’s midsize distribution. Moreover, “Night Shift” virtually doubled previous-year time period levels in Total Viewers and Women 18-49, and garnered double-digit percent increases in Women 18-34.

New to “General Hospital: Night Shift” this season are head writer Sri Rao and executive producer Lisa De Cazotte. Rao is best known for his character-driven relationship dramas, including “What Goes On” for MTV Networks and the off-Broadway play “Precipice.” De Cazotte was the former executive producer of NBC’s “Passions” and has served as a producer on ABC’s “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” She also served as a supervising producer on “Sunset Beach” and as coordinating producer on “Santa Barbara.” Jill Farren Phelps and Bob Guza Jr. will continue their duties at “General Hospital” as executive producer and head writer, respectively. Neither of their schedules could accommodate both productions.

POLL: Younger Actress Daytime Emmy Awards

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SPOILERS: ATWT, B&B, Days, GL, Passions and Y&R

This Week:
• Emily encourages Casey to do the right thing.
• Meg and Paul take a step towards each other.
• Chris has a bad reaction to Alison’s decision.
• Carly and Holden set off on an adventure.
• Aaron comforts Alison.

This Week:
• Ridge seriously jeopardizes his relationship with Eric.
• Pam intercepts a mysterious phone call to Donna.
• Donna is aghast when Eric tells her of the deal he made with his children.
• Rick defends Taylor to Phoebe.
• A couple makes love for the first time.

Next Week:
• Allie is handed over to child services.
• Lexie and Abe learn Theo is having trouble at school.
• Max runs into John, and the two face off.
• Nicole threatens to reveal EJ’s secret.
• Bo and Hope question Paul about activity at the dock.
Thursday – Victor explodes and forbids Philip to see Chloe.
Friday – The Brady Pub celebrates it’s green certification.

This Week:
• Rafe goes to extreme measures to protect Gus's name.
• Harley says a tearful goodbye to Buzz.
• Olivia lashes out at Natalia.
• Lizzie and Alan prepare to take their revenge.
• Jeffrey tries to protect Gus' memory.

Next Week:
Monday, June 2
• Gwen worries Gertrude might thwart her plans to remarry Ethan.
• Pilar tries to convince her family to leave Harmony.
• Eve saves Ivy’s life!
Tuesday, June 3
• Theresa is determined to tell Ethan the truth.
• Fancy and Kay use their seductive powers.
• Tabitha tries desperately to ward off the impending doom.
Wednesday, June 4
• Theresa refuses to leave town.
• Juanita offers to buy Tabitha’s house.
• Vincent and Viki team up.

This Week:
• Kay and Jill clash over their history with Phillip, while Cane tries to learn the truth about his father.
• Adam and Heather have a passionate encounter.
• Things continue to go downhill for Gloria, as Jill fires her from Jabot and Jeff refuses to budge on his divorce demands.
• Daniel departs for Danny’s tour, leaving Amber to worry about the future of their relationship.

Monday, May 26, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of May 26th

AMC: Adam goes to the hospital to visit Tad. Has his conscience finally gotten to him?
ATWT: Sofie takes a huge leap back for womankind by lying about being raped by Paul.
B&B: Donna tells Eric that Marcus is her son ... or does she?
Days: It's double trouble when Nicole and Ava strike up a friendship.
GH: Spinelli is heartbroken to find Maxie kissing Johnny.
GL: Reva asks Josh to marry her and Jeffrey.
OLTL: Dorian drugs and kidnaps Charlie to keep him silent.
Passions: Vincent/Valerie admires Viki's handiwork.
Y&R: Adam and Heather explore their mutual attraction for one another.