Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Olivia's Brother Returns to the Light

If Internet message boards are a good gauge of an actor's popularity, then perhaps they had something to do with Wes Ramsey's return to Guiding Light. For the past few years, I've read numerous posts by fans of the soap who still miss Olivia's (Crystal Chappell) brother Sam, even though he left in 2002. Fans still swoon ... er ... rave about his performance.

Hopefully they're still tuning in to GL because Ramsey is returning for two episodes--Friday April 4th and Monday, April 7th--to lend support to his dying sis. (For an extra dose of Ramsey, catch Charmed this Wednesday, March 26th, on TNT when he guest-stars on the rerun.)

To learn more about what Wes has been up to, log on to his website, http://www.wesramsey.com/.

SPOILERS! Week of March 24th

AMC: Opal finds herself falling for Robert, unaware of what a creep he is.
ATWT: Time is running out for Parker, but in true soap fashion a witness might come forth in the nick of time.
B&B: Phoebe complicates Rick and Taylor's relationship by making Rick an offer.
Days: Max tries to tell Stephanie he loves her. Meanwhile, he meets someone new at Grandpa Shawn's grave.
GH: Carly enlists Lulu to do her dirty work by spying on Jax and Kate.
GL: Olivia might finally get her heart but at the cost of a beloved character's life.
OLTL: Starr's night with Cole might have life-altering consequences.
Passions: Fancy tells Luis she wants to be his baby mama.
Y&R: Lauren takes a tumble down the stairs of the Abbott mansion after seeing "John."

SPOILERS for ATWT, B&B, Days, GL, Passions, Y&R

This Week:
* Carly and Jack make a final attempt to clear Parker's name.
* Gwen and Will are shocked by the news of Barbara's illness.
* Margo learns the truth about Gray.
* Vienna is placed under arrest.
* Paul grows closer to Meg.

This Week:
* Rick makes his intentions very clear
* Nick ponders a future with Bridget
* Brooke is convinced that Taylor is seeking revenge
* Pam puts her sinister plans into motion
* Donna’s appearance drastically changes.

Next Week:
* John has it out with Philip and declares war on the Kiriakis empire.
* Sami and EJ must prove the legitimacy of their marriage.
* Ava meets Max at Grandpa Shawn’s gravesite and is moved by his story.
* Kayla forces Stephanie to reveal what’s going on with Steve.
* Chelsea asks Daniel out and he accepts.

This Week:
* Harley's money trouble add up.
* Bill becomes Lizzie's knight in shinning armor.
* Dinah happily takes her revenge against Alan.
* Olivia prepares to wed Gus.
* Jeffrey takes a big dive.

Next Week:
Monday, March 31
* Theresa fears she will be discovered.
* Someone is following Noah and Paloma.
* Tabitha warns the Demon Elf to stay away from Endora.

Tuesday, April 1
* Everyone is emotional after Theresa’s memorial service.
* Rebecca and Ivy hire a nanny.
* Paloma’s ex-boyfriend comes to Harmony.

Wednesday, April 2
* Theresa worries that Rebecca and Ivy recognize her.
* Pilar wants to tell Ethan the truth about Little Ethan’s paternity.
* Julian might die after Viki stabs him!

This Week:
* Nick, Phyllis, Jack and Sharon host the fashion world’s elite at the glamorous Restless Style party, but will Victor steal the spotlight?
* Danny Romalotti performs to an appreciative crowd at the Restless Style party, but will he make amends with Daniel?
* Ashley Abbott and Felicia Forrester make a splash at the Restless Style event. Will Felicia help or hinder the magazine’s success?
* A terrified Gloria comes face-to-face with Alistair. Meanwhile, Jack’s scheme to frighten Gloria injures an innocent party.
* Jill worries about damaging revelations in Katherine’s memoirs. Meanwhile, Kay fesses up about her health problems.
* Adam and Victoria clash as Victor and Sabrina grow closer.