Saturday, March 15, 2008


Want to win a copy of the award-winning movie, Beautiful Dreamer? It stars AMC star Colin Egglesfield, Desperate Housewives star James Denton and ex-Melrose Place star Brooke Langton. The plot is, as described on the official Myspace page:

America was changing forever. The world was at war. This compelling love story that rivals the classics will bring you to the edge of your seat and and warm your heart.

Claire Kelly (Brooke Langton) was sure her world had been torn apart forever when she lost Joe (Colin Egglesfield), the love of her life, to the ravages of war. Joe, a B-24 pilot, taught to fly as a boy by his beloved grandfather (Barry Corbin), is shot down over Europe during WWII and declared dead. Claire is forced to face the reality that Joe is gone and struggles to move on with her life.

Joe, who survived the crash, doesn't recognize Claire when he sees her. He is a shell of his former self and haunted by the crash that killed a crewmember in his arms and nearly killed him. Claire seeks the help of Dr. Kessler (James Denton), a specialist in war related trauma. He advises her to stay close to Joe, but not to try to force the past on him. Will Joe ever remember his past or will Claire be forced to move on without him?

With stunning visuals and a moving story, this film is one that will remind audiences what they love about movies.'Beautiful Dreamer' is dedicated to the brave crew of the B-24 Liberator bomber STARDUSTER.

All you have to do to win a DVD of this film is to answer one question: Which soap star do you think deserves his or her own movie and why? We will randomly draw a winner from all the entries, and also post the results here on the blog at a later date -- including some of the best and most creative.

Do NOT post your entries in the comments section of this post. You can ask questions in the comments that I will be happy to answer, but no contest entries please. Send an e-mail to me at daytimedial(at) with your entry by Midnight EST on Monday, March 31st. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. If you do win, you will be contacted after the contest ends via e-mail for your mailing address so I can send the movie to you.

Good luck, and be creative!

CASTING NEWS: Days Brings Back Nicole and Mickey

Kevin Dobson, best known to soap fans as Mack MacKenzie on Knots Landing, joins the cast of Days of Our Lives as Mickey Horton. His first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, April 1st.

Arianne Zuker returns to the role of Nicole Kiriakis. She arrives in Salem on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Martha Byrne Leaves As the World Turns ...

... and I can't say I blame her. If I may paraphrase Soap Opera Digest, Byrne, who plays the lead actress on ATWT, Lily Snyder, was in the middle of contract negotiations when talks were stalled. Byrne then heard through the grapevine that the show put out a casting call for her character and, not surprisingly, took that to mean they didn't want her, so she packed up and left.

Unbelievable! First Scott Bryce (or, going back as far as 2004 with Larry Bryggman/John Dixon) now Byrne. I realize the soaps need to trim their budgets, but this is ridiculous, and it's not just ATWT, mind you, that is shrugging off its vets.

Byrne left the soap before, and Heather Rattray was cast as Lily for a while. I can't imagine anyone else but Byrne in the role, but let's keep our fingers crossed that there's a successful recast. Can you imagine any other actress as Lily? If so, place your nominees in the comments section. I think it's going to have to be a big name and not a newcomer for the recast to be accepted.

P.S. Byrne has an absolutely beautiful singing voice. You can order her CD through her official website:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SPOILERS for ATWT, B&B, Days, GL, Passions and Y&R!

This Week:
* Tragedy strikes when Carly and Jack home in on Kit.
* Katie and Brad fear foul play when Henry is nowhere to be found.
* Barbara has trouble concealing her illness.
* Emily's actions have severe consequences.
* Sofie becomes frantic when Hallie becomes ill.


This Week:

* An unexpected side of Pam is revealed.
* Eric and Stephanie celebrate their anniversary among their loved ones.
* Brooke gives Bridget her blessings ... Or does she?
* Nick's view of a Logan sibling changes.
* Forrester Creations hires two new employees.


Next Week:

* Anna tries to pocket Tony's newest employees.
* Marlena lays into John for lying to her.
* Chelsea and Daniel share a warm moment in the hospital.
* Victor swears to do whatever it takes to protect the Kiriakis business.
* Kayla's cramping leaves her worried about her unborn baby.
Thursday - Bo has surgery, but his recovery is still uncertain.
Friday - Belle and Shawn announce that they're leaving Salem.


This Week:

* Bill goes to extreme measures to get to Lizzie.
* Alan makes a call asking for help against Rick.
* Marina lashes out against Harley's betrayal.
* Cassie says goodbye to Will for good.
* Cyrus makes a big sacrifice.


Next Week:

Monday, March 17
* Theresa is helped by a stranger.
* Ivy wants Gwen to help Ethan get over Theresa.
* Pilar suspects Tabitha is a witch.

Tuesday, March 18
* Theresa stows away on a train.
* Ethan wants to adopt Little Ethan.
* Tabitha learns what will happen at the double wedding.

Wednesday, March 19
* Luis treats Fancy to a romantic evening.
* Sheridan and Pretty join forces.
* Theresa arrives back in Harmony.


This Week:

* Nikki dives into her new position at Jabot, but is Jill ready to give up control?
* Brad digs up dirt on David, hoping to exploit his weakness.
* Amber tries desperately to convince Daniel and Kevin to keep the stolen money. Will they give in to temptation?
* At Jabot, the pressure on Lily continues to build, causing Neil to intervene.