Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ATWT: Craig Is Back!

Craig Montgomery will be returning to Oakdale, but not in the form of Scott Bryce, Hunt Block, or Jeffrey Meek.

Soap vet Jon Lindstrom (ex-Kevin, GH/PC; ex-Ryan, GH; ex-Mark, SB) will play bad boy Craig on As the World Turns, and I hope, for the show's sake, he is badder than ever.

While I will never agree with the move to let Scott Bryce go, this move might be the second-best thing Chris Goutman and crew could have done. Jon has a great fan following and has proved himself a fine and versatile actor again and again.

Word from TV Guide is that Hunt Block was approached about reprising his role, but his salary demands were too high.

Craig returns from the Caymans (if that is indeed where he was this whole time) on December 3.


Anonymous said...

I loved him from Port Charles and can't wait to see him in Craig's role!!!