Tuesday, May 06, 2008

SPOILERS! Week of May 5th

AMC: Tad and Dixie share a cosmic connection.
ATWT: Julie Pinson debuts as Liberty's mom Janet, and she clearly has designs on Brad. Watch out Katie!
B&B: Felicia threatens Donna as Donna and Eric's wedding approaches.
Days: A jealous Sami impulsively kisses EJ.
GH: Things get uglier between Sonny and Carly when Sonny threatens to sue for full custody of Michael.
GL: Natalia walks in on Mallet and Marina during a private moment.
OLTL: David has dollar signs in his eyes after eavesdropping on Natalie and Jared's conversation.
Passions: Gwen confronts Gertrude for trying to seduce her man.
Y&R: Victor proposes marriage to his young gal pal, Sabrina.