Wednesday, October 03, 2007

SPOILERS for Days, Passions and Y&R!


Next Week:

* EJ sets his sights on Belle.
* Stephanie is jealous when Max gets a date.
* Kayla and Steve are threatened by Philip.
* Stefano provides an annulment for Sami and Lucas.
* Lauren gives one last clue about Tyler.
Thursday - Philip acts impulsively and shows his affection for Belle.
Friday - Andre makes a surprising last stand.


Next Week:

Monday, October 8
* Ivy blames Kay for Fox's murder.
* Pilar urges Theresa to fight Alistair.
* Gwen tries to crack the code to J.T.'s computer files.

Tuesday, October 9
* Sam investigates Kay.
* Luis confides in Sheridan about Fancy's strange behavior.
* Pilar and Gwen square off.

Wednesday, October 10
* Pilar has a dark secret that could destroy her family.
* Pretty offers to help Fancy keep Luis.
* Kay is desperate to convince her father she is innocent.

Thursday, October 11
* Luis caves in to Spike's demands.
* Esme confronts Pretty about her behavior.
* Theresa gives Ethan shocking news.


This Week:

* The fall-out from Nick and Sharon’s kiss continues, as an angry Phyllis learns the truth and confronts Sharon.
* Nick and Sharon’s secret is exposed when an embittered rival phones the tabloids.
* Lily attempts a ruse to bring her closer to Cane.
* Gloria schemes to retrieve possible evidence from Jeffrey, but he remains one step ahead of her.
* J.T. arranges a special night for a surprise proposal.

Monday, October 01, 2007

ATWT: Bob and Kim's Son Returns

Chris Hughes is one of those characters on soaps that has been recast so many times, it's easy to lose track of what happens to the character. However, in this case we don't mind because any member of the Hughes family is fine with me. I miss seeing Bob and Kim on my tube everyday, so if bringing back Chris means we might get to see more of them, then recast away!

Actor Dylan Bruce will take on the role beginning Oct. 25. With Chris' return comes Emily, who took off for an island vacation after finding out her sister Alison (Marnie Schulenburg) shagged her beau Dusty (Grayson McCouch). Kelly Meninghan Hensley, who plays Emily, was on maternity leave in real life. You may also remember that Emily has a history with Chris. Alison was engaged to Chris when Emily was making out with him on a semi-regular basis. A tearful Alison walked out on her own wedding when she learned of her sister's deceit. So will this be round 3 of the Stewart man-sharing competition? Stay tuned and find out.

SPOILERS! Week of Oct. 1st

AMC: As the storm approaches, Babe and Emma are trapped alone with Annie's dangerous brother, Richie.
ATWT: Luke's life is in danger when Noah's father goes too far.
B&B: Nick agrees to sell Eric back his company on one condition -- and it involves Stephanie.
Days: Lauren takes a terrible tumble before she can tell Philip about his son.
GH: A fearless Carly confronts Johnny. Meanwhile, Kate is terrified of Sonny's lifestyle.
GL: Reva tells Jeffrey how Alan saved her life.
OLTL: The judge makes a decision in Tommy's custody case.
Passions: Fancy and Luis get some brief quality time together.
Y&R: Victoria accepts a marriage proposal but is suspicious about wearing a ring.