Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GL Is a Family Affair!

(The Dicopoulos Family: son Jaden, Olivia, Frank and wife Teja. Photo courtesy CBS Television)

Beginning Tuesday, Oct. 16, Olivia Dicopoulos, daughter of Frank Dicopoulos ("Frank Cooper," Guiding Light) will be joining the cast of GL. She will be playing the role of Matt and Vanessa's daughter, Maureen Reardon. The 10-year-old actress will play a character who, when most recently seen on camera, was an infant. Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome strikes again!

Returning to Springfield in early November is Daniel Cosgrove, reprising his role of Bill Lewis, son of Vanessa and Billy. According to the show, Bill comes back "a changed man." Hmmm ... I am eager to see what that means, almost as much as I am eager to see the handsome Cosgrove on the small screen again!