Monday, September 24, 2007

Spoilers! Week of Sept. 24th

AMC: Adrian discovers a connection between the dead body and Richie.
ATWT: Col. Mayer gets an eyeful when he walks in on Noah and Luke.
B&B: Brooke models for a lingerie fashion show, but she finds she's not ready to be so vulnerable.
Days: Colleen's story ends in tragedy, and we find out how this led to the DiMera-Brady feud.
GH: Georgie questions Spinelli about his feelings for Lulu.
GL: Vanessa announces she is visiting her son Bill in South America.
OLTL: John and Marty share a romantic kiss on the rooftop.
Passions: Tabitha tries to murder a NASCAR driver to appease the demons who have kidnapped Endora.
Y&R: Phyllis' new cellmate has Nick alarmed.